Algopix Adds New Sales Estimator Feature

Marketplace product research tool Algopix has a new Sales Estimator feature which provides the monthly sales volume for any product on Amazon or eBay.

Sales Estimator estimates the total sales value and number of units sold, broken down by country. By integrating product sales signals from numerous data providers, including real-time transactional data, demand indicators, and more, Algopix can cross-reference open-source information with proprietary insights to estimate product sales.

Designed with sellers, manufacturers and brands in mind, Sales Estimator is a gateway to invaluable, actionable intelligence that will help users assess new business opportunities and understand the market for any given product.

With close to 60% of online buyers purchasing products from overseas retailers, it has become important for ecommerce businesses to offer products on more than one market. Algopix helps sellers understand the demand and competition for specific products on foreign markets, and calculate the potential sales volume.

Source: Algopix

Tagged: Research
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