Adds Sales Velocity Repricing for Private Label Sellers

Marketplace repricing tool has a new feature to help Amazon private label sellers reprice their products automatically.

The new sales velocity algorithm makes private label repricing and white label repricing possible for online sellers, and can help any sellers with no competition on their listings, such as those who create their own product bundles.

Private label products can't be repriced in the usual way, taking competing sellers' prices and other Amazon seller metrics into account, so invented this new method.

With the new algorithm, users can see their sales velocity per ASIN over the past 30 days and can set the repricer to target a higher, lower, or the same velocity moving forward.

Depending on the gap between the current velocity and the target velocity, the system will adjust the price as needed to hit that goal, subject to the min and max prices set. will use all the information available to find the ideal starting price point for driving enough sales to hit the target sales velocity, including historic order volumes and selling prices.

Sales velocity repricing will update prices once per day, then the algorithm will gauge the effect it has on sales. Once the target velocity is acheived, the algorithm will attempt to increase profits by testing higher price points while maintaining the same target velocity. was formerly known as Appeagle.


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