Expandly Now Supports Selling on Wish.Com

Marketplace management tool Expandly now supports online marketplace Wish.com.

Wish.com merchants can now manage their inventory across 30+ sales channels including eBay and Amazon, and Expandly customers can benefit from exposure to an additional 300 million global users, by adding Wish.com to their multichannel portfolio.

Alan Wilson, founder and CEO of Expandly says: "We're delighted to add Wish.com to the list of online marketplaces Expandly integrates with. We are constantly looking for ways to increase the audiences that our users have access to so integrating with world's sixth largest ecommerce company was a no-brainer!"

Sarah Hughes, Senior Director of Wish's European Business Development team, says: "We are really pleased to be integrating with Expandly and providing Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify sellers with an easy way to sell on Wish.com. 10 million of our 300 million customers shop with us each day, generating over 2.4 million transactions daily – this is a tremendous opportunity for ecommerce sellers to expand their multichannel network and explore our younger demographic, strong European presence and uniquely mobile-optimised interface. We look forward to welcoming Expandly customers to Wish and to introducing our customers to Expandly."

The Expandly platform integrates marketplaces, shopping carts, shipping carriers and account software – allowing users to centrally manage listings, orders, inventories, shipping and reporting. This will now include Wish.com, who this year hit 75 million monthly active users, over one million merchants and over 200 million products.

Source: Expandly

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