Seller Labs to Launch Version 2.0 of Amazon Ads Tool Ignite

Seller Labs is to start rolling out a brand new version of Amazon PPC ads management tool Ignite.

Ignite 2.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up to be more powerful, flexible, scalable, and effective. Enhancements include:

  • New user interface and dashboard
  • New stats, graphs, and action items
  • Bulk actions, uploads and updates
  • Customized campaign groups
  • Alerts and notifications
  • All-new sophisticated suggestions engine

The new dashboard and features will go live in the next few weeks.

* * * * *

A new edition of Ignite for agencies, consultants and PPC managers has been launched, called Ignite Plus. It's a scalable Amazon advertising platform created for users who manage multiple brands, accounts and users.

Seller Labs has also introduced Ignite Managed Services, offering Amazon PPC ads management to sellers as an outsourced service.

Source: Seller Labs

Tagged: Advertising
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