3Dsellers Launches CRM Helpdesk for eBay and Amazon Messages

All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has announced a new tool to help online sellers manage messages from buyers on eBay and Amazon.

CRM Helpdesk organizes all support tickets in one place with a comprehensive overview of each customer and support for multiple users, saving time while improving customer care and increasing revenue potential.

"We know online sellers face heightened numbers of customer tickets, increased service expectations and rapidly-changing market conditions," says Alex Flom, CEO and co-founder of 3Dsellers. "3Dsellers removes the need to manage an eBay business through different apps, providing an all-inclusive software and the CRM Helpdesk is the newest addition of an easy-to-implement solution to customer support. This release delivers eBay and Amazon sellers a solution to improve customer experience and maximize their business potential."

The highlights of the 3Dsellers CRM Helpdesk include:

  • Inbox overview with advanced filtering capabilities
  • eBay and Amazon integration
  • Full customer overview, including past conversations, items purchased and general buyer info
  • Message templates for quick responses, easily filtered by categories
  • Team collaboration without the need to share account access
  • Auto reply as well as vacation reply options

New features including Gmail and social network integration are scheduled to be added to CRM Helpdesk during 2018.

CRM Helpdesk is included in the price of the 3Dsellers all-in-one solution.

Source: 3Dsellers

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