Ecomdash Adds Support for Bonanza

Multichannel ecommerce tool Ecomdash is now integrated with the Bonanza online marketplace.

With this new integration, over 50,000 Bonanza sellers can now use Ecomdash to help manage stock levels and fulfillment.

"We look forward to building a strong partnership with Bonanza," said Nick Maglosky, CEO of Ecomdash. "We are both aligned in our missions: to empower ecommerce entrepreneurs seeking to grow their online retail presence. The more places our customers can sell their products, the stronger their brand name and profits can be..."

The new integration furthers ecomdash's goal to develop a multichannel inventory platform merchants can use to continuously grow their profits.

Source: GlobeNewswire

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Extremely Buggy
23 Apr 2019
We are using eComDash and when an item hits zero quantity on Bonanza, the item can no longer be seen by eComDash. Because of this issue, when we re-stock an item in eComDash and push that new quantity out to Bonanza, the item cannot be found (even though it is still there) and the update doesn't go through. So the item quantity stays zero instead of being updated to the new quantity on hand. So far Bonanza integration (despite all the hype from both sides) has been a nightmare. This is just one of many issues.....
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