SureDone Adds Auto Parts SEMA Data Co-Op Integration

Ecommerce management tool SureDone has integrated SEMA Data Co-Op's (SDC's) database of aftermarket auto parts into its multichannel platform.

Online automotive parts retailers who are members of the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC) will have a robust solution for access to tens of millions of parts from over 500 different brands and manufacturers along with automated listing, inventory management, order management and drop shipping.

"Having increased access to quality data from a strategic ally like SEMA Data Co-Op is a great opportunity for our customers," said Chris Labatt-Simon, Executive Vice President at SureDone. "We have an incredible platform to help our customers automate product management, listing, inventory and orders, and this alliance gives our customers great data inside the platform to build on their revenue opportunities."

Automotive aftermarket parts retailers who want to list high quality, manufacturer updated data to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Jet now have access to SDC's immense database with the ability to easily list this data, including extensive information such as detailed descriptions and product fitment. SureDone will convert the ACES fitment data in SDC's database to the eBay fitment format, increasing the value of the content on eBay Motors. Phase Two is expected to include matching UPC values to Amazon ASINs and also eBay category matching.

"When our extensive data is made available through software like SureDone it increases the value of what we offer to our membership," said Jim Graven, Senior Director of Membership at the SEMA Data Co-op. "We are pleased to have created a strategic alliance with SureDone, and we are excited for our members to have an additional opportunity to automate their business and increase their sales and revenue."

Using SureDone's advanced automation engine and their numerous partnerships with warehouse distributors, SureDone's users will be able to list products from the SDC database, connect to distributors for the latest inventory levels, consolidate orders into a single interface and then automatically route them for fulfillment using SureDone's drop shipping module.

Source: SureDone

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