Incorporates Amazon Referral Fee Discounts

Marketplace repricing tool now includes Amazon referral fee discounts in calculations for profit and min and max prices.

Amazon has given access to incorporate referral fee discounts into their reporting. The update allows them to fully support referral fee promotions for eligible items (e.g. grocery items $15 or less, specific ASINs sent by Amazon, etc.).

Fee discounts are when Amazon offers to provide a discount on certain fees if you price your listing to a certain price point. These fee promotions are provided solely by Amazon and are only for eligible listings for a limited period of time.

For example, Amazon may offer a 9.2% referral fee discount for an item as long it has a sale price of $77.99 or less. The fee discount will also have an expiration date that is provided by Amazon for when the fee promotion will no longer be valid.


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