ShipWorks Release Includes New Shipping Workflow

Shipping software ShipWorks has released product enhancements including a new shipping workflow called "The Works".

The Works is designed to simplify shipping, particularly for warehouses with large volumes.

"Warehouse shipping continues to evolve in line with FBA and other new, innovative fulfillment options," said Dominic Lozano, General Manager of ShipWorks. "We have been working closely with our customers to make sure ShipWorks keeps them competitive in this rapidly changing industry. We've enhanced our software for performance optimization that will result in processing labels faster, and we're particularly excited about the launch of The Works."

The Works is a simplified user interface for processing labels for a single piece shipping workflow. Today, most warehouses have individual stations for FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Warehouse workers must prep the packages to get it to the correct station for the operator to weigh and print that carrier's label. Now, with The Works, there is no need for multiple stations. All carriers exist in a single solution at a single station. A one-time scan tells the system what label to print, and in less than a second, the box is waiting for the carrier.

"Warehouses finally have an automated and installed multi-carrier solution that allows a single scan to print the right label at the right time," said Lozano. "All employees can be trained on a single application instead of three different applications, which will allow warehouses to scale as needed rather than imposing artificial bottlenecks due to resource contention."

The latest ShipWorks release also includes a product catalog import and management feature, and support for custom data fields.

Source: ShipWorks

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