3Dsellers Releases New eBay Inventory Manager Tool

All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has released new features including a new inventory management module.

The 3Dsellers Inventory Manager is their newest eBay selling tool, and is included in the Management Plan. Is integrates sellers' warehouses with eBay stock levels.

Inventory Manager can set the quantity of items available on eBay, avoid overselling, show how many items have already been sold and change each item's price.

Inventory Manager includes the following bulk update actions:

  • Update prices, either to a specified amount of by a percentage.
  • Update inventory levels by a set amount of units or maintain the same as warehouse inventory

The 3Dsellers' Webstore has also been updated, removing the limit of five item specifications per listing.

3Dsellers has a new Export to CSV feature, providing an easy way to download a comprehensive .csv file of eBay listing data.

Finally, the 3Dsellers CRM & Helpdesk module has been updated to include the shipment tracking number so customer support reps can easily find the delivery status.

Source: 3Dsellers

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