Cloud Commerce Pro Adds Support for EKM and Visualsoft

Multi-channel ecommerce solution Cloud Commerce Pro has released two new cart integrations, improved barcode scanning and new picking reports.

Cloud Commerce Pro now has a full integration with EKM, a UK-based ecommerce platform. EKM users can incorporate Cloud Commerce Pro's automated inventory management, auto-purchasing, and other services designed to streamline ecommerce order management including automated courier booking.

Visualsoft customers can also now use Cloud Commerce Pro to process orders, synchronise inventory across their Visualsoft store and other sales channels (including EPOS and telephone ordering), set rules to automatically book couriers, and more.

Cloud Commerce Pro has a new "Zero Stock Orders" option, allowing merchants to take orders without having inventory in stock. This is useful when manufacturing to order, and also for telephone and wholesale ordering when stock has run out.

Cloud Commerce Pro has an improved barcode scanning system, designed for modern Android devices including the TC25 Zebra. This system allows inventory settings to update in real time as stock is picked or booked in. There's no risk of the database not updating because the scanner wasn't correctly returned to its cradle and synched.

Finally, the new Picking Report allows customers using barcode picking to see exactly how productive each user is, monitoring how fast they pick, how accurate they are, and more.

Source: Cloud Commerce Pro

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