Cloud Seller Pro Achieves Google Technical Partner Status

Cloud Commerce Pro's online marketing service has been awarded Google Technical Partner status.

Cloud Seller Pro were awarded Google Technical Partner status within a week of their invitation to the Google Partners EMEA Growth Summit in London.

During the summit, Cloud Seller Pro's Head of Operations, Simon Blackburn (and Cloud Commerce Pro Director Mark Hallam) spoke extensively with Google representatives, and developed plans to further strengthen the relationship. They also learned about upcoming developments, allowing Cloud Seller Pro to plan ahead.

The company joins an exclusive group of around 200 companies across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, & Africa) selected for their ability to make their customers successful.

Technical Partners receive direct support from Google including commercial, technical, and marketing backing, benefiting both Cloud Seller Pro and their customers.

"This is a huge opportunity for our customers, but it's also a big achievement for the team," Simon Blackburn said. "To have earned an invitation to the Summit was a proud moment. To reach Technical Partner so soon afterward really underlines the value of what we do."

Source: Cloud Commerce Pro

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