ShipWorks Launches New Warehouse Edition for High-Volume Shippers

Shipping software ShipWorks has launched ShipWorks for Warehouse, a new product tailored for high-volume shippers.

ShipWorks for Warehouse includes the automation features and rapid label print speeds of ShipWorks' desktop-based e-commerce offering, along with Open Database Connectivity (ODBC); access to web-based order management, support for fulfilling orders from multiple sites with intelligent order routing, and business intelligence; and with scan & pack quality control coming soon.

ShipWorks for Warehouse features include:

  • Manage fulfillment across multiple locations without losing speed
  • Print labels from the desktop with industry-leading label print times
  • Scan barcodes for instant, error-free quality control
  • Instantly compare rates across carriers to ensure best price and service level
  • Save on shipping costs by routing orders to a fulfillment center based on business rules
  • Centralize all shipping and operational data using 100+ native connections or ODBC technology
  • Generate detailed, customizable reports on all aspects of order processing to identify sales trends, bottlenecks and extra expenses

Source: ShipWorks

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