eBay Developers Conference 2007 Announced

The eBay Developers Conference 2007 is being held in Boston on June 11 - 13, before eBay Live. The event is for eCommerce developers, entrepreneurs, and affiliates who want to take advantage of the eBay, PayPal, Shopping.com, ProStores, and Skype eCommerce platforms.

Sessions include the A to Z's of optimization, from online storefronts to affiliate search engines, and basic to advanced eBay and PayPal Web Services classes. There are also one-on-one technical support sessions, and a PayPal Bootcamp to help train for the PayPal certification exam, both included in the registration price.

eBay Developers Conference registration includes eBay Live! admission at no additional charge, and there is a 40% discount for registrations up to Friday, April 6th. More info and registration.

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