Marketworks Launches Premium Web Stores

Multi-channel e-commerce software solutions provider Marketworks has launched a new offering called Premium Web Stores, providing customers with their own Web store and access to the largest marketplaces and shopping comparison sites.

Historically, Marketworks has been a solution for eBay sellers with web stores as a peripheral service to provide a web presence outside of eBay, and encourage up-selling when buyers pass through the checkout. As eBay fees have increased and sellers' businesses matured, independent storefronts have become a significant source of sales, but the offerings from auction management companies have lagged behind dedicated e-commerce solutions in features and sophistication.

Rather than build on their own stores solution, Marketworks partnered with AspDotNetStorefront, a developer of Web storefront technology, to build the new Premium Web Store offering. The AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart is currently used by over 5,000 businesses and 3,500 developers. “Partnering with MarketWorks will enable us to increase our reach dramatically,” said AspDotNetStorefront CEO Robert Anderson. “We’re very proud of our product, and are thrilled to be associated with Marketworks’ strong brand and proven market leading services.”

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