eBay Bans Video in Auctions

eBay have stated, in a veiled announcement, that sellers may no longer embed video clips in their auction listings.

Video services for eBay sellers have been around for years, but the eBay announcement heralds that "the time is right to bring the video experience to eBay" by allowing links to five approved video services: YouTube, Google, MySpace, Microsoft, and AOL.

The announcement specifically states that "videos cannot be embedded within listings" but no reference could by found to back this up in eBay's byzantine Listing Policies. Indeed the HTML and JavaScript policy makes a specific exception for Flash content - the usual way of embedding video.

eBay listing policies have come under fire many times for their complexity, contradictions, and lack of enforcement. Issues which significantly affect the eBay buying experience such as lying about the item's location and adding unrelated keywords to the listing title are still common, despite policies specifically banning them.

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