eBay Ban on Embedded Video Reversed

eBay made a shocking announcement two weeks ago that embedding video in auctions was not allowed, despite there being nothing in their Listing Policies to back that up. Only text links to videos would be allowed, and only to five sites: YouTube, Google, MySpace, Microsoft, and AOL.

They have now realised their mistake, and now will allow embedded video - as long as it is hosted on one of those five sites. It is interesting to see that eBay are allowing the use of Google Video and YouTube (also owned by Google). eBay's ban of Google Checkout was a big story last year, but Google's dominance in online video can't be ignored, even by eBay.

There are several unapproved providers who specialise in video for eBay sellers — many of them certified by eBay — who are now left out in the cold. eBay have said that "We'll be evaluating other video hosting sites as time goes on" so hope for their survival remains. This is not the first time eBay has cut off previously approved third-party products: Auction Extenders were banned by a "Policy Clarification" back in January.

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