eBay Borrows "Bid Groups"

AuctionBytes has discovered a new eBay tool called Bid Assistant that will offer Bid Groups - a feature common in sniping programs. Bid Assistant will not offer scheduled or last-minute bidding, according to its eBay help page.

Bid Groups allow a buyer to set bids on several items, but with the intention of winning only one. Bid Assistant creates bid groups from the "Items I'm Watching" list in My eBay, and allows the buyer to set the same maximum bid for all items in the group, or different maximum bids for each item. Once bids have been set, Bid Assistant moves through the group (starting with the item that ends first), and places bids until one item has been won, or it reaches the end of the group.

eBay have not made a formal announcement about Bid Assistant but it is mentioned in eBay Help and is buried within an eBay Developer's program Release Note. View sniping tools with the Bid Groups feature.

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