New Solutions Include New eBay for Buyers and Free Listing to Facebook

  • Ztail is a free listing tool. It has a massive catalog of product pictures and descriptions to minimise typing effort, and can show listings on blogs and social networking sites (such as Facebook) as well as more conventional marketplaces like eBay.
  • Project San Dimas is eBay's free desktop replacement for, well, eBay. For buyers, San Dimas provides fairly comprehensive access to eBay without ever visiting the site. It's currently in beta testing.
  • Showcase is a batch image editor and gallery creation tool from the makers of Excel-eBay add-in 3-Clicks.
  • ProfitBuilderSoftware is a fee calculator that comes with a book by Corey Kossack.
  • Atandra T-HUB is an order management application that downloads sales from eBay and a number of common shopping carts into Quickbooks.
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