New Article: Don't pay for eBay selling tools!

A new article by Sam Carson has been added to the site, covering free software and services for eBay sellers.

Don't pay for eBay selling tools! covers research tools Mpire Researcher and Terapeak; fee calculators eBCalc and ecal; and listers/management tools Auctiva, AuctionSplash, and ChannelMAX.

Sam reviews each tool in the course of selling seven unwanted garden gnomes.


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I agree!
19 Feb 2013
I couldn't agree more!

However, there have been some changes.

First off, Ryan Olbe has died - so his domain has changed. (His family isn't managing his sites.

His calculator is now at

And instead of using the COMPLETED LISTINGS, eBay now has a great way to use the 'SOLD LISTINGS' instead- why would you want to look at the 'unsold listings'?

That's like 'copying off the kid who flunked the paper'.

I'd rather look at what the smartest kids in class did.

Personally, I wouldn't pay for any tool since all of the data on what the 'smartest kids in class did' is available for free.

Replicate them, replicate their result.

Great article.

Famous for my 1000 dollar eBay Challenge I've been helping people sell on eBay for PROFIT for years!
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