eBay Video Policy Changes Again

eBay have changed their mind yet again on their embedded video policy.

  • First, eBay announced that you could link to videos but not embed them (although sellers had been embedding video for years).
  • Second, they changed their mind and said you could embed video but only if the video is hosted on YouTube, Google, MySpace, Microsoft, or AOL. This effectively banned a number of eBay-certified services that had been providing video for eBay auctions.
  • Third, eBay realised the absurdity of their behaviour and added the certified video providers to the approved list.

eBay have now come full-circle, and declared that video can only be embedded and must not be linked to.

Confused? You should be.

Hopefully a lesson has been learnt: spend time figuring out a sensible policy before announcing it to the world.

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