Project San Dimas Becomes eBay Desktop

eBay has relaunched its desktop tool for buyers Project San Dimas as eBay Desktop.

eBay Desktop is a downloadable application for Windows and Mac computers that offers an alternative way for buyers to explore eBay, place bids, and buy items.

Unlike Project San Dimas, eBay Desktop works only with eBay US, but beta testers can continue to use San Dimas to shop on any eBay site until eBay Desktop support is extended to other countries.

eBay Desktop features a revamped home screen which highlights the user's eBay activity (watch list, bidding list, recent items, recent categories, and favorite searches). A new browse feature makes browsing on eBay a workable alternative to search. Favorite search feeds automatically pull down items that match a favorite search. eBay Desktop can optionally run in the background when the application is closed, to get reminders or outbid alerts at any time.

Tagged: Searching
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