Shopster Has New Listing Manager for eBay

The latest version of dropshipping solution Shopster has a new tool to list products on eBay.

The new Listing Manager for eBay allows users to manage auctions from their Shopster account, listing products on eBay with just a few mouse clicks.

A new HelpCenter consolidates all user support resources into a single page: community forums, help documentation, contact info, and Live Help. New features like Support Team blogs and Shopcasts are also available.

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No profit possible on eBay due to Shopters high prices and inventory shortages
25 Jan 2008
You can't make money on ebay through shopster because shopster has a very high wholesale price. So after you pay your listing fee, final value fee, and paypal fees, you end up with nothing or you even lose money! You barely make a 5% profit on your own shopster store so this 5% goes to pay ebay and paypal!

Another big problem is Shopster doesn't keep their inventory up to date. So if you auction off a product that ends up out of stock, you lose the sale, piss off the customer, get a negative feedback, and get reported to eBay for violating their rules. Ebay doesn't allow seller to back order sales so you can get your account suspended!
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