HammerTap Launches New eBay Research Analysis Reports

The latest version of eBay research tool HammerTap includes three new analysis reports.

The three new reports make it easier for sellers to select the best category, best end day and best listing enhancements to increase their selling success rate and maximize profitability on every listing.

“In the past it has been difficult to understand how to apply eBay research to your listings,” says Brian Clark, HammerTap’s CTO. “Starting with this release, we are simplifying research in a major way as HammerTap revolutionizes how sellers use eBay research and analysis.”

Other changes over the next few months include a longer time frame for the product search, shipping cost data analysis, search via item specifics, a search wizard, additional reports, and automatic weekly reports. HammerTap will also be launching a listing tool, that promises to be completely different to anything currently on the market.

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