Infopia Team Focuses on eBay Motors Sellers

eCommerce solution provider Infopia has formed a new team, called The Infopia Motors Group, that focuses on merchants selling in the motors and parts and accessories (P&A) sector.

Motors are one of the largest markets on eBay, and Parts and Accessories is the fastest growing category. Many merchants in the sector are selling a significant amount online. The Infopia Motors Group introduces these merchants to best practices and eCommerce technology that automates business processes - freeing up time to focus on other strategic objectives.

“We understand this industry and what it takes for motors merchants to be successful,” said Robb Louder, an Account Executive in the Infopia Motors Group. “Our 25 years of combined experience in the motors industry, expertise in eCommerce technology, and knowledge of online selling best practices can really change the revenue potential of companies that sell motors-related products online.”

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