Sniper Bidnapper Adds Support for 23 Auction Sites

Sniping tool Bidnapper can now place last-minute bids on eBay plus 23 other auction sites.

The newly supported sites include uBid, Bidz,, eBid, Overstock Auctions, CQout, ePier, Yahoo! Japan, Allegro, and Aukro.

Bidnapper are looking at further extending their support to sites such as Dell Auctions, QXL, Ricardo, Eachnet, and Taobao.



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Who wants to snipe on sites other than eBay?
25 Mar 2008
This must involve a fair amount of work for Bidnapper, but is there really that much demand for sniping beyond eBay?
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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Surprisingly, yes
25 Mar 2008
We have been seeing quite a reaction thus far in our early beta testing period. Even on sites that auto extend, you want to place your bid as late as possible. Using Bidnapper also makes it easy to keep track of all your bids if they are across several sites. It should also be considered that eBay does not control the market in Eastern Europe, New Zealand, or Asia.
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