Developer News: eBay to Prohibit Unapproved Listing Enhancements

eBay are to change the way auction descriptions are served to browsers — by segregating them from the rest of the site — in a new Active Content Policy.

The change, currently being testing on eBay Motors, seeks to protect users from malicious Flash and JavaScript content that could be embedded in eBay listing descriptions. An early sufferer from the change is Sellathon ViewTracker, which is incompatible with the change.

The proposed Active Content Policy goes further, prohibiting all listing code that is not pre-approved and loaded onto the page using custom tags. Such a policy would require all developers of in-listing enhancements to gain approval and make adjustments to their products. Listing enhancements include video, listing galleries, and zoomable images.

eBay are requesting feedback from developers on these plans.

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