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Re: Alternatives to AuctionSplash

...like auctionsplash. I used to use spoonfeeder which was'nt free but was cheap and... more

Alternative to Turbo Lister

...once I get TL back up and running. Spoonfeeder is no longer available so I wonder... more

No Photo's in AuctionSplash

...else and don't anyone recommend spoonfeeder as it's a piece of c&%p. First time... more

Re: Help Please - Listing Software

...look at inkFrog or The Seller Sourcebook. Hope that helps! Edit: SpoonFeeder removed more

Re: Problem with Listomax

...management tool take a look at software like SpoonFeeder, AuctionSage or eBay Blackthorne. more

Re: Problem with Listomax

...more limited. Low-cost options include SpoonFeeder and Vendio Platform or you could try a... more

Re: Best EBay UK auction software

...sending etc. If you need that try out Spoonfeeder.com It is more complicated to setup... more

Re: Software for Managing Stock and Image Hosting

...AuctionSage, eBay Blackthorne or SpoonFeeder (desktop software). If you budget... more

Re: Does this software exist?

...options are AlienFiles, eBaitor, SpoonFeeder, Supreme Auction, Listomax. Hope... more

Best Software For Me

...Listing I have actually used Spoonfeeder but I could not find how to add photos... more

Re: Breaking: Auctiva Now Charging $

...to inkFrog) are eBay Blackthorne, and SpoonFeeder. There are a few higher-end choices... more

Re: Breaking: Auctiva Now Charging $

...$10 per month + transaction fees), or SpoonFeeder (desktop, from $20). Hope that... more

Re: Bulk Lister Companies

...followed by non-eBay alternatives. SpoonFeeder comes to mind as a listing tool which... more

Re: Anyone experienced, I am trying to find a listing progra

Tried spoonfeeder, did not like the navigation, too many tabs hiding information to worry... more

Re: Anyone experienced, I am trying to find a listing progra

...johnmaster, did you try using the new SpoonFeeder bulk editor instead of the listing... more

Anyone experienced, I am trying to find a listing program...

...to pay as you go I downloaded spoonfeeder on the trial version and wasnt... more

Re: replacement for turbo lister

...nearly the same requirements ----- SPOONFEEDER was the answer for me. No joke -... more

Re: replacement for turbo lister

Hello Peter99, SpoonFeeder can import your listings and your pictures from the eBay Turbo... more

Re: Looking for management solution with very specific featu

...list that is currently not available in SpoonFeeder as of 12-4-2008 is the simultaneous... more

Re: need a tool I can copy and paste to from TL

Hi Tanstar, SpoonFeeder can do what you need, but using a method that is much faster and... more

Re: Seriously need some help!

...Vendio Sales Manager popular choices are SpoonFeeder, AuctionSage, eBay Blackthorne etc. more

Spoonfeeder and Rainworx

Has any one used spoonfeeder to export listings to a rainworx powered site? I am abouit... more

Re: Spoonfeeder

Have you tried their support form: SpoonFeeder Support? more

Re: Which listing software should I use

...Turbo Lister; or third-party tools like SpoonFeeder or The Poster Toaster. There are... more

Re: recomendation needed

...AuctionSplash, eBay Blackthorne, SpoonFeeder (desktop). If you want zero cost... more

Re: Recommend me do - ebay Auction Management Software

...to eBay Blackthorne. Take a look at SpoonFeeder, AuctionSplash (free), Auction Wizard... more

Need HONEST feedback on free auction software

...mentioned, Turbo Lister, Auctiva, Spoonfeeder, Toaster Poster (I think) and a few... more

Re: Download user details from ebay

...you could leave a review of Auction X2, SpoonFeeder, or any others it would be much... more

Re: Choosing an Auction Mangement Program

Hi Clef! I use the SpoonFeeder software for auction management and it works great. It... more

Re: Track Fees and Total sales per individual item

...solutions that I think support this are SpoonFeeder, Auction Wizard 2000, AuctionSage,... more

Re: using Turbo now, but need a new reliable softw

...Poster Toaster but I would look at others in the Ad Listers category such as SpoonFeeder. more

Re: Can someone suggest suitable auction program?

...Good desktop-based picks there are SpoonFeeder and The Poster Toaster, in addition to... more

Re: Which listing tool is best for me?

...with my findings shortly. What about SpoonFeeder? Even the Poster Toaster appears to... more

Re: Desperate for new online management software

...You could also add AuctionSage and SpoonFeeder to that list, and bear in mind that... more

Re: Hello! 1st post/ lurker here!

... Auction Wizard 2000, Shooting Star, SpoonFeeder and eBay Blackthorne. Web-based... more

Re: Inventory System to Store my pre-auction listi

...would take a look at Ad Posters like SpoonFeeder and The Poster Toaster. Another... more

Re: Garage Sale equivalent for Win?

...software for Windows You might like SpoonFeeder or eBaitor for listing design.... more

end of auction archiving - best option?

...eBay UK! Thinking about it, I used SpoonFeeder ages ago and although it was fine for... more

Re: Desktop software for UK seller

...have found the main packages but could also take a look at SpoonFeeder and eBay Blackthorne more

Re: Free Scheduled Listing?

...(with the Launch Freedom add-on), SpoonFeeder, or MarketBlast may suit you. eBay... more

Re: which software to buy

...include eBay's own Turbo Lister, SpoonFeeder, and Auctiva (web-based). If you... more

Re: Small Business, Specific Needs

...a learning curve, but its the same with Spoonfeeder or any other program out... more

Re: Alternative to TL

...away from InkFrog, HungryGopher and Spoonfeeder. I have experienced some nagging... more

Re: Small Business, Specific Needs

...:D I had started leaning toward SpoonFeeder before your reply, so I believe I'll... more

Re: Small Business, Specific Needs

...think your requirements point you to SpoonFeeder, which is strong at the design and... more


...bad avoid. I have heard good report of spoonfeeder for smaller traders. No auction... more

Re: Multi-PC Auction Software

...and you don't have to subscribe to SpoonFeeder's monthly service levels. Auction... more

Re: Multi-PC Auction Software

...a workaround, but I would look into SpoonFeeder, MarketBlast, Auction Wizard 2000.... more

Re: Spoonfeeders users help wanted please

...for participating in the forum :D SpoonFeeder has an eBay Group where you should... more

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