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Re: Wondering if there is a better life outside inkFrog/High

...SolidCommerce, Vendio, ChannelAdvisor, Infopia, Kyozou, etc all pretty much require... more

Re: Anyone heard or used solidcommerce.com?

...solutions (ChannelAdvisor, Kyozou, Infopia, Vendio, etc), SolidCommerce does have... more

Re: Listing Management Help.. Ebay, Amazon, My Site - Medium

...their pricing was as mysterious as say Infopia, Kyozou, etc. Regards, Tracker more

Re: Listing Management Help.. Ebay, Amazon, My Site - Medium

...expensive solutions are easy to find - Infopia, ChannelAdviser, Kyozou, etc....but... more

Need web-based auction management alternatives suggestion

...and rating of Cascade, ChannelMax, Infopia, and Channel advisor seems terrible,... more

Re: Multichannel Solution?

@golfguy73 Are you an Infopia account manager or an Infopia user? A little... more

Re: Kyozou, eSeller Pro or Channel Advisor anyone??

I am the Senior Account Manager with Infopia - I would love to help you out and see... more

Re: Multichannel Solution?

You might go and check out www.infopia.com - I signed up with them a a year ago and... more

Re: Paypal Integration and Customer Managment

...like MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, Infopia, Kyozou and Zoovy. There isn't (as... more

Is 3rd Party eBay Checkout Still Available?

...particular channeladvisor, marketworks, infopia, kyouzou, zoovy, vendio, auctiva, and... more

Re: Powerseller switching from Channeladvisor, what's good?

...like us.... :( I'm leaning towards Infopia now and will probably use it with... more

Re: Powerseller switching from Channeladvisor, what's good?

...with specialist providers, for example Infopia and ChannelAdvisor integrate with... more

Re: Powerseller switching from Channeladvisor, what's good?

...too. It's pretty much down to Infopia, Zoovy or Channeladvisor. I don't... more

Re: Need Multi-Channel Platform Recommendation

...MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, Kyozou or Infopia) with a comprehensive API so you can... more

Feedback on Infopia?

Can someone please give us feedback on Infopia? My requirement is simple enough...... more

Re: Multi-Channel selling without breaking the bank?

...Zoovy. So far it's very powerful. Infopia was off their rocker on pricing and so... more

Re: Infopia Marketplace Manager

I do not recommend Infopia. If you have a business that stocks say 100 different... more

Re: Zoovy, Infopia, Solic Cactus

I don't recommend Infopia. Many bugs, incorrect information, poor support. You'll... more

eCommerce Leadership Summit - March 3-5th, 2009

...by Friday, January 30th to save $150! https://app.infopia.com/images/mm/Q1-ELS2.gif more

Channel Advisor or Infopia?

...am considering both channel advisor or infopia at this time, do any members have... more

Re: Software suggestions

...as MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, Laris, Infopia, Kyozou, and Zoovy. Hope that helps! more

Customized eBay checkout solution

...level company. I have looked at Kyozou, Infopia, Zoovy, Vendio, and CA. Out of all... more

Re: Which new auction software is launching in October 2008?

...really be as good as channeladvisor, infopia etc right out of the box? This is... more

Re: Questions for eBay Sellers RE: Email, Accounting, and Ph

...planning integration with My Messages Infopia - handles customer communication via a... more

Infopia's New Product - Keep up the Good Work!

...to loading my inventory into the new Infopia product. They have done a nice job... more

Re: Zoovy, Infopia, Solic Cactus

...to agree completely with commerceking. Infopia will present themselves as having the... more

Re: Zoovy, Infopia, Solic Cactus

...to agree about the comments regarding Infopia. While everything began very... more

Re: Zoovy, Infopia, Solic Cactus

I chose Infopia for my e-commerce business (we are a Platinum level PowerSeller). We... more

Re: What software integrates " Ask Seller a Question"?

Jon, We actually use Infopia right now (www.thecellshop.net) We have ran 3... more

Re: What software integrates " Ask Seller a Question"?

...of the Transact eCommerce Platform, Infopia offers a seamless integration with... more

Infopia's Configurator

...from a number of vendors. I found that Infopia's product was by far the most cost... more

Auction Management - Infopia, Channel Advisor, Kyozou?

...have done some research with Infopia, Channel Advisor, and Kyozou and still... more

Re: Which Software? My head is spinning with all the option

...MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, eSellerPro, Infopia, Laris, Zoovy etc. Another... more

Re: recomendation needed

...MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, eSellerPro, Infopia, Laris, Zoovy etc. If you are... more

tell me about INVENTORY specifics for MA & others vs LARIS

...Premium (the name changes daily) and/or Infopia or others deals with inventory,... more

Re: Multiple websites and Amazon Seller Central?

...Merchant, eSellerPro, Laris, Infopia, and Zoovy. They are the big... more

Re: eCommerce Store Research - Help needed

...(now part of ChannelAdvisor) Infopia Auctiva (a free tool for smaller... more

eCommerce Store Research - Help needed

...panies: ChannelAdvisor Marketworks Infopia Auctiva Zoovy Volusion Vendio Netwo... more

I'll try to not make this redundant!

...we think we might want to talk to: Infopia Zoovy NetSuite -- ( are they... more

Re: Zoovy, Infopia, Solic Cactus

I signed up with Infopia, and am VERY unhappy. Some very specific questions that I... more

Re: authorize.net and ebay

...support Google checkout: Kyozou, Laris, Infopia, Make-a-Store, Marketworks,... more

Re: Watch out for UTAH based Software! Especially Infopia

... Beware of companies like infopia that want to get paid up... more

Re: Checkout and Inventory Management

...- e.g. ChannelAdvisor Merchant, Infopia, Kyozou, Zoovy. The lower-cost... more

Re: Need help picking auction software

I just heard from infopia and they said they think the developers can integrate me... more

Need help picking auction software

...didn't like the website functionality Infopia - currently with them (and love them),... more

Re: Can any of these packages hold a candle to CA Merchant?

...solutions for large eBay sellers are: Infopia, Zoovy and Kyozou. At this end of... more

Re: Is Channeladvisor Pro My Only Solution? Please Help me!

...(acquired by ChannelAdvisor), Infopia, and ChannelAdvisor... more

We are looking for a software that will let us list the same

...and are own web store. Marketworks , Infopia, and Kyozou told us that thir is no... more

ChannelAdvisor, Kyozou, NetSuite, AucSage-or none of these?

...Kyozou, ChannelMax, Auction Sage and Infopia. or none of the above...you tell me... more

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