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Multi-channel selling from Magento

...advisor - (seem very expensive) and GoDataFeed and M2e (but this seem light on the... more

Could use some advice

...to do some research on Seller Acticve, Godatafeed, and Solid commerce, So what I'm... more

Re: CSE and Marketplace Data Feed Management Solutions

...Marketing and it includes the likes of GoDataFeed, Lengow, MerchantAdvantage and... more

Re: GoDataFeed

...see the supported ones here: http://www.godatafeed.com/solutions/goordersync For... more

Re: GoDataFeed

Does GoDataFeed also integrate orders, or is it only dedicated to upload products across... more

[Infographic] Best 20 Shopping Engines for Retailers

...#1 question we get asked here at GoDataFeed is "Where should I list my products?"... more


...companies around here. I work with GoDataFeed, we're a SaaS (software-as-a-service)... more

Re: What's your biggest frustration at the moment?

...Supply How did the seminars go Jack? I'm guessing one was Go Data Feed, what was the other? more

Re: Ask The Expert: Ecommerce Advertising

...as well! I'm a bit biased on the GOdatafeed and other providers, as I provide the... more

Re: Ask The Expert: Ecommerce Advertising

...feeder (non-marketplace) such as Go Data Feed? 2. Is using advertising on... more

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