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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel working with partners: Magento, Skubana, SellerCloud, Channeladvisor,... more

Re: CRM/ERP to connect with Shopify?

@larry_JP Hey! I use Skubana, we have Shopify plus a bunch of other marketplaces. I... more

UPS tracking link not working

...given a UPS (Amazon) tracking link from Skubana for a product ordered from... more

Re: Introduce yourself here I recently joined the Skubana team and am here to talk about... more

Re: Using Skubana for Brand (non-PL) products?

@mbrey Great question Mick. Skubana* is agnostic to whether you are a reseller or... more

Using Skubana for Brand (non-PL) products?

Is anybody using Skubana for branded (non-private label) products? We have a few... more

Free eCommerce Consultation - Private labelling, and more!

...a top 250 Amazon seller. He co-founded Skubana with DJ Kunovac and built one of... more

Re: Which inventory control software do you use and why ?

...provide almost zero service options. Chad Rubin's Skubana product looks very promising more

Re: The trick to managing multiple listings per item

@Skubana The link you provided is no longer available.. can someone point to... more

Multi-Channel conundrum, what does it cost to solve?

...Magento Store Manager, EcomDash, Skubana, and dozens more I have forgotten... more

Re: What's changed the most since you started selling online

...really well and are priced just right. Skubana, SureDone, Solidcommerce, eComdash,... more

Re: Looking for a Multi Channel Listing Management Tool

@JamesSeller Skubana is the best of the lot out there. I did a review with... more

Re: Looking for a Multi Channel Listing Management Tool

Consider - it's an all-in-one multi-channel, cloud-based inventory/order... more

Re: Could use some advice

...orders and orders processing. Skubana Solid Commerce (which you already... more

Re: Introduce yourself here

...of being a seller, I decided to build Skubana as there was no affordable, all-in-one... more

Re: Skuvault, does anyone have any experience with them? hear more about your business and any pain points you may have. Jim Skubana more

Re: What annoys you most about selling on Amazon?

...sellers, one that is quite time consuming to optimize. Jim @Skubana_ERP Skubana more

Re: What is your favourite ecommerce event?

...Lots of energy and opportunities there. We'll have a booth there too. Jim Skubana more

Re: Do this to beat your competitors (HINT: it's not reprici

...focus on operational process. I built Skubana - it's a cloud-based marketplace... more

An Open Letter to All Shipworks/Endicia Customers your ecommerce business? Skubana is a Certified Partner of Endicia and... more

Re: The trick to managing multiple listings per item

...analyze and clean up your inventory process. You can find it here... Jim Skubana more

Re: Help With More Sales

...if you need any further insights or help and good luck Jim Skubana @Skubana_ERP more

Re: Leading Inventory Management Softwares out with some inventory solutions. Skubana focuses on real time inventory... more

Re: What is the best Online shop provider / shopping cart?

...You'll thank yourself in the long run. Hope this could help. Jim @Skubana_ERP more

Re: Should You Offer Free Shipping?

...end of the month numbers will thank you. Jim @Skubana_ERP more

Skubana. Providing eCommerce insights and solutions.

...WebRetailer Community! This is Jim with Skubana, I wanted to introduce myself... more

Re: How do you increase sales?

...feel free to message me. Thanks for posing the question Andy Jim @Skubana_ERP more

Re: Inventory, accounting, and tracking software for Amazon

Hey NorthBay, This is Jim with Skubana. Sounds like quite a lot of work to... more

What's been holding your eCommerce back?

...for reading and I'm looking forward to your thoughts. Jim more

All-in-one seller platform introduce our new startup called Skubana. Skubana an... more

Cool new all-in-one cloud solution!

...e-commerce logistics. It's called Skubana and their site is more

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