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Bargain hunting software (alternative to munnin)

Hi, I have been using Munnin for a while and it meets my needs perfectly but its... more

Re: Searching with a maximum shipping cost?

...your suggested feature either! At least, not in prospector or munnin. Thanks. more

Re: Searching with a maximum shipping cost? came across? Prospector and Munnin are probably the most feature-rich... more

Searching with a maximum shipping cost?

...ebay. Prospector doesn't do this. Munnin doesn't either; It does have this... more

Re: searching with item specifics

...I'm a little surprised that Munnin doesn't allow you to filter by item... more

searching with item specifics

...a main category at best (such as munnin). An example of what I want is to... more

Re: eBay Completed Items Archiver - Is there such a tool?

...Steve, and welcome :D Take a look at Munnin and AuctionIntelligence. Munnin is... more

Re: What is the best search tool for car buyers?

...choices here, but I would look at Munnin and Prospector first. If they don't... more

Re: Automatic searching software with bulk import?

Hello honestandbest, you might give Munnin a try, although it only supports ebay,... more

Re: Website to perform automatic auction searches

...desktop software - try AuctionSieve, Munnin, or Prospector for eBay. All are... more

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