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Re: Introduce yourself here is Gunjan. I work at Kyozou as a Content Specialist and Social... more

Re: Software that can manage 90000 listings

...what you need. Contact me at and I can share what our customers... more

Re: Introduce yourself here

...and am now the Director of Marketing at Kyozou (a multi-channel inventory and... more


...such as ChannelAdvisor, E Sellpro or Kyozou , but we are not in the market of... more

Re: Software Help Multi-Shop

Thanks a lot I have called Kyozou but they dont have an Ebay Sync functionality for... more

Re: Software Help Multi-Shop

I would say have a look at Kyozou and ChannelAdvisor. Also, here is Ebay's list:... more

Re: Wondering if there is a better life outside inkFrog/High

...Vendio, ChannelAdvisor, Infopia, Kyozou, etc all pretty much require you to... more

Re: Anyone heard or used

...(after a huge mistake in trying out Kyozou - recently posted a review about this... more

Re: Listing Management Help.. Ebay, Amazon, My Site - Medium

...their pricing was as mysterious as say Infopia, Kyozou, etc. Regards, Tracker more

Re: Listing Management Help.. Ebay, Amazon, My Site - Medium

...easy to find - Infopia, ChannelAdviser, Kyozou, etc....but the cheapest I've found... more

Need web-based auction management alternatives suggestion

...websites. Currently, we are using kyozou, unfortunately, there are too many... more

Re: Multichannel Solution?

... more

Re: Auction Splash

...up as rivals the big boys esellerpro, kyozou etc. Zoovy 7 out of 10 As could be... more

Re: Paypal Integration and Customer Managment

...MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, Infopia, Kyozou and Zoovy. There isn't (as far as I... more

Kyozou, eSeller Pro or Channel Advisor anyone??

...not allow for multichannel selling. Kyozou does not support Amazon UK currently... more

Re: Powerseller switching from Channeladvisor, what's good?

I've contacted Kyozou today, also ChannelVelocity and Monsoon. I would really like... more

Re: Powerseller switching from Channeladvisor, what's good?

I've contacted Kyozou today, also ChannelVelocity and Monsoon. I would really like... more

Re: Powerseller switching from Channeladvisor, what's good?

...figured out although you could include Kyozou (for UK sellers, eSellerPro is also... more

Newbie to ebay help expand my business, like kyozou and CA if everything goes according to... more

Re: Need Multi-Channel Platform Recommendation

...(like MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, Kyozou or Infopia) with a comprehensive API... more

Re: Multi-Channel selling without breaking the bank?

...not worth the price. We also tried Kyozou which we were utterly disgusted with.... more

Re: need consignment and listing software - please help

Hi neller. Well, Laris is based on Kyozou, so you could try Kyozou. Some of the... more

Re: Breaking: Auctiva Now Charging $ MarketplaceAdvisor, eSellerPro, Kyozou, Zoovy etc. The Seller Sourcebook... more

Re: What happened to SellCenter / Laris / Redstage? Closed?

...system from another software provider, Kyozou. We provide our own support,... more

Auction software - Looking for End-to-End solution

...etc... I've been talking to Kyozou and they had me do a tour of their... more

Re: Software suggestions MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, Laris, Infopia, Kyozou, and Zoovy. Hope that helps! more

Customized eBay checkout solution

...level company. I have looked at Kyozou, Infopia, Zoovy, Vendio, and CA. Out... more

Auction Management - Infopia, Channel Advisor, Kyozou?

...with Infopia, Channel Advisor, and Kyozou and still have not decided. Does... more

Re: I'll try to not make this redundant!

...of small points to make: Laris and Kyozou are built on the same platform. Laris... more

Kyozou urges eBay for policy change: Neutral Feedback

...even stepping into the batter's box. Kyozou spent two days talking to eBay... more

Re: and ebay

...following support Google checkout: Kyozou, Laris, Infopia, Make-a-Store,... more

Re: Checkout and Inventory Management

...e.g. ChannelAdvisor Merchant, Infopia, Kyozou, Zoovy. The lower-cost solutions... more

Kyozou: Already The Next Big Thing? never came - except from one camp. Kyozou Inc., the colorful Toronto-based... more

Re: Can any of these packages hold a candle to CA Merchant?

...eBay sellers are: Infopia, Zoovy and Kyozou. At this end of the market there... more

Re: Is Channeladvisor Pro My Only Solution? Please Help me!

...For example: Make-a-Store , Kyozou, Marketworks (acquired by... more

Re: What would be better: Kyozou or Auctiva?

Thanks for the mention, Andy. Kyozou (and subsequently Laris) is a much more... more

Re: What would be better?

Well, Auctiva is free and Kyozou is not, so you can't really compare them directly -... more

Re: ChannelAdvisor, Kyozou, NetSuite, AucSage-or none of the ChannelAdvisor Merchant or Kyozou. You might be better suited to an... more

We are looking for a software that will let us list the same Marketworks , Infopia, and Kyozou told us that thir is no software the... more

What would be better: Kyozou or Auctiva?

...between 2 eBay Solution sites one is Kyozou and the other is Auctiva... I like... more

ChannelAdvisor, Kyozou, NetSuite, AucSage-or none of these? to Channel Advisor, NetSuite, Kyozou, ChannelMax, Auction Sage and... more

Re: Third pary Tool for Shipping wit Dazzle.

Don't forget Laris and Kyozou. And integration with Endicia and Dazzle are actually... more

Re: Third Party sales software

...would need. Otherwise, Auctionsound and Kyozou might be your best bet. Cheers more

Re: import from blackthorne pro?

...your existing data. I know with Kyozou (which I use) Its very easy to import... more

Re: Selling on eBay, Froogle, Yahoo! & own site -

...can address. Personally, I use Kyozou and have for about 10 months and its a... more

Re: Is Laris just a reseller of Kyozou? help on this one. Laris runs on Kyozou's Platform. A good way to view Sell... more

Is Laris just a reseller of Kyozou?

... In other forum posts they reference Kyozou having problems connecting to... more

Re: Auction Management and storefront wizard

...ChannelAdvisor Merchant, Infopia, Kyozou/Laris, Marketworks, Vendio Sales... more

Re: I am thinking about using Kyozou, Pros or Cons

I'd just like to add two things about Kyozou. 1. They know downtime is a huge... more

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