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Re: Does this software exist?

...desktop options are AlienFiles, eBaitor, SpoonFeeder, Supreme Auction,... more

Re: Can someone suggest suitable auction program?

...are quite dated, but AlienFiles and eBaitor are up-to-date, desktop-based... more

Re: Garage Sale equivalent for Win?

... You might like SpoonFeeder or eBaitor for listing design. SpoonFeeder has a... more

Re: which software to buy

...The more up to date programs include eBaitor, AlienFiles, and Trendy Listing... more

Re: eBaitor

...and this shows a variety of errors. Please contact us for help. The eBaitor Team more

Re: eBaitor

Hi, you really need to contact eBaitor directly about this. Their support page is... more


...anyone help please. just paid for ebaitor. spent 8 hours building two adverts... more

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