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Auction Research Help picking one

...looks good. but I also came across mpire, which is free. I get different... more

Re: Trak Auctions

...Thanks for the heads up. As Mpire have also killed off their auction... more

best time to list

...my items, I came across this function on Mpire but this only gives you relevent... more

Merchant account provider question

...I am one of the ones switching from MPire to a new auction management system. I... more

Mpire replacement?

Hello. I have recently been using the mpire builder to create auctions from... more

Re: Desktop Recommendations Sought

...take another look at both Marketbast and Mpire Builder. I currently have a dial... more

Re: Desktop Recommendations Sought

...support, and would suggest to give mpire builder (launcher only supports one) a... more

Re: Listing Times

...solution that had worked best for me is mpire researcher . although it does not... more

Help!! Need suggestion!! Thanks!

...fee. I am using Channel Advisor Pro, Mpire and AAA Seller. But they are not... more

Can someone suggest suitable auction program?

...and the items are unique. I am trying mpire, channel advisor pro. The mpire is too... more

Re: Small Business, Specific Needs

...That's one of the things that drew me to MPIRE was that I could do just about... more

Re: Small Business, Specific Needs

...candlesticks, BTW! I'll have to check MPire out. Do the borders you use in your... more

Re: Small Business, Specific Needs

...get this info out anyways. I never see MPIRE talked about here. I have a full time... more

Re: Multiple Listings

...time I need to list a new item. In mpire's launch options, I know I can specify... more

Multiple Listings

...listing of a single item. I know that mpire does have this capability. Does... more

Web-based vs. Desktop

...solution out there until I found Mpire Builder (not their free version... more

Re: Auto Delivery of Information Products

...AuctionChannel, and maybe even mPire. Also check out eBay Solutions... more

Re: Mpire

First let me state, Mpire probably has the most responsive customer support of all... more

Re: Mpire

... I dont like the templates that mpire uses, marketblast did not work for... more

Re: Mpire

I used mpire for about 60 days hoping that it would be the software for me. Well,... more

Re: Mpire

...be great if you could post a review of Mpire based on your experience so far (you... more


I have been using mpire for last 10 days. It is easy in many ways and has promise... more

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