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eBay shutting down Magento Go and Prostores

...have decided to close Magento Go and Prostores, with them finally shutting down on 1... more

Would like an ebay integrated website - ideas?

...the storefront they provide. Prostores. Does not accept items not allowed on... more

Re: Need MarketWorks level of software without the

Another idea... Look at eBay Prostores for your website... The checkout is seamless... more

Re: eCommerce Consultant Wanted!

...Merchant Channel Advisor eBay ProStores Be sure to find out what these... more

Re: Help!! New Powerseller needs auction software.

...Manager ChannelAdvisor Pro ProStores To submit a review you scroll down... more

Re: Help!! New Powerseller needs auction software.

...same conclusions. I even tried Ebay ProStores , their off ebay web hosting. Yes it... more

Sell better... Go Indaba!

... Alibris Biblio eBay Stores eBay Prostores TextbookX more

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