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Valuing antiques - PriceMiner?

...bric a brac. Condition of most items is fair to good. Can price miner help me value items ? more

Re: Anyone Offer Conditional Bidding based on Bids?

...For antiques and collectibles the PriceMiner service includes online and offline... more

Re: Web Based Auction Management for Antique Business

...the way, you might be interested in PriceMiner - it's a research tool with data from... more

Re: Market Analysis Software, can they do this?

...(e.g. DeepAnalysis, Terapeak, PriceMiner, Andale) as eBay strips Seller IDs... more

Re: WhizAnalysis -are they still in business?

...trial, although you can subscribe to PriceMiner or Terapeak for only $9.95 per month.... more

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