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Re: Advice Needed

...someone who knows what's up. Sellthemoon is awesome. I agree with all his... more

Re: My EBay business is near colapse

Sellthemoon had some good points of looking at ways to get off eBay and use other... more

Re: Ok, I have a headache. Can you help me?

...should do more thorough research. As sellthemoon said, I pay a per listing price with... more

Re: eBay Item Watch - Free Download

Thanks for the comments sellthemoon. Actually, you can already add all the items listed... more

Re: Ebay Turbo lister

SellTheMoon is absolutely correct. TurboLister is going to list whatever you have entered... more

Re: Marketworks-best multi platform management sys

SellTheMoon is correct, Marketworks has a steep learning curve. I have tried both. I like... more

Re: Marketworks - what are the ups and downs?

Many thanks for that Sellthemoon! How long have you used the product and what were your... more

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