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Channel management tool Linnworks has added a new feature to alert eBay sellers to account tampering.

After configuring their PayPal email addresses within Linnworks, sellers are alerted if any eBay orders are downloaded with a different payment email address - indicating that their account has been interfered with.

Orders with an incorrect PayPal email address are automatically parked so further investigation can occur. A daily email notification is also sent.

Source: Linnworks

Multichannel management software Linnworks has added a range of sophisticated new inventory and warehouse management features.

The features include:

  • Handling inventory batches, for products that need to be tracked by their manufacturing run.
  • Expiry date tracking, for products that spoil if stored for too long.
  • Adding multiple bin locations for items within a warehouse so products can be stored in more than one place.
  • New product status reports to help identify products which are damaged, restricted, expired, sold or approaching their sell by date.
  • Support for the First In First Out (FIFO) inventory method to reduce product wastage and the impact of inflation.

Source: Linnworks

Channel management tool Linnworks has launched their annual summer discount promotion.

With this year's promo, new users can save up to 30% on a Linnworks subscription.

The promotion runs throughout June and is covered in detail here.

Source: Linnworks

Multichannel management software Linnworks has become the first company in Europe to be accredited by international carrier FedEx.

The accreditation will help the company improve their FedEx integration, and pass on the carrier's latest innovations to customers.

Linnworks' FedEx integration provides access to the full suite of FedEx services, enabling customers to automatically allocate FedEx as a shipping service to an order, and update the sales channel with tracking details in bulk.

Linnworks' CEO and Lead System Architect, Fedor Dzjuba, commented "We are excited to work more closely with FedEx in order to provide our users with a more enriched user experience. To become the first company in Europe to be accredited by FedEx is a huge achievement for Linnworks, but more importantly it will allow us to better serve our mutual customers."

Source: Linnworks

Inventory and channel management tool Linnworks now supports printing of USPS postage via

Integration with was one of the most-requested integrations from US-based sellers. provides online sellers with a range of USPS shipping options, optimized for cost and shipping speed.

Source: Linnworks

Multichannel management software Linnworks is now integrated with eBay design tool CrazyLister.

CrazyLister creates HTML listing templates which can be pasted directly into Linnworks to be used in eBay listings.

CrazyLister templates are mobile-optimized and compliant with eBay's new "active content" policy for listings.

CrazyLister are currently offering Linnworks users a free template designed by a professional designer. More information.

Source: Linnworks

XSellco's repricing tool Price Manager and feedback tool High5 are now available through the Linnworks App Store.

XSellco's help desk tool Fusion was integrated with Linnworks in April last year.

New features within the XSellco/Linnworks integration include:

  • Updating Linnworks order notes within XSellco Fusion.
  • Printing labels for Linnworks orders from XSellco.
  • Viewing Linnworks product information from within the XSellco dashboard.

Linnworks customers will be able to access all three XSellco applications from within their account.

Ray Nolan, XSellco CEO said "Price and Reputation are the central elements to successful multi-channel sales. Integrating closely with Linnworks makes real sense - better customer service leads to higher ratings and more sales at better prices."

Source: XSellco

Inventory and channel management tool Linnworks is now integrated with crafts marketplace Etsy, and has also launched a new initiative to help merchants grow their eBay sales.

The Etsy integration will enable Linnworks users to manage Etsy inventory, and process orders for shipping and dispatch.

The integration initially can only be setup in cloud-based, but can then be used on a day-to-day basis in Linnworks Desktop as well as

* * * * *

A new partnership between Linnworks and eBay aims to grow the businesses of Linnworks sellers on the eBay marketplace, by providing them with access to tools and valuable information.

Linnworks Implementation Manager and eBay Growth Project Lead Mark Aldous commented, "We are delighted to be working with eBay in order to help our sellers. The Trending Emails and Stats Application are just two examples of some of the great tools and information we have available to our sellers, helping them to grow their eBay business."

The new Trending Emails helping sellers understand what is expected to start selling in the next month or so, using market data compiled by eBay over the last 4-5 years. Heat maps show which categories will peak in popularity and which will decline in the coming months. The data is particularly important in the lead-up to Christmas, when sales are expected to be at an all-time high.

To help sellers optimize their eBay listings, Linnworks has partnered with Two Legs Bad, the developer of the eBay Stats Application, and will be funding additional examinations at no extra cost for a limited time; initially up until the end of 2016. The application analyses listings and provides actionable tips to increase sales.

Source: Linnworks for Etsy Integration and eBay Growth Programme

Multichannel software provider Linnworks has released the videos from their recent Linn Academy event in Manchester, UK.

There are 14 videos and over 10 hours of footage, compiled into a YouTube playlist.

Linn Systems are preparing for Linn Academy 2017, and sellers interested in attending can register their interest now.

Source: Linn Systems

Inventory and channel management tool is now integrated with parcel carrier UKMail.

The addition of UKMail to allows customers to assign shipping, manage tracking numbers and print shipping labels from within Linnworks.

UKMail joins the extensive list of shipping integrations including Royal Mail, DPD, Interlink and FedEx.

The Linnworks team are also working on integrations with, Etsy, Magento 2, as well as stock receiving functionality.

Source: Linnworks

Multichannel management system Linnworks has announced new pricing plans including 24/7 unlimited customer support.

The new plans, to be rolled out on Tuesday 13th September, replace six previous plans with varying levels of support and system functionality.

The new model has only three plans, and no longer limits support or functionality on either of the paid subscriptions. All paying customers will have access to unlimited 24/7 support, by means of phone, live chat or the helpdesk system.

The new pricing model is instead based on the number of users. The Professional plan costs £150 per month for up to two users, plus £50 each for any additional users. The Corporate plan, at £1,000 per month, supports unlimited users.

Writing on the Linnworks blog, Head of Business Development Artem Verovenko said, "Our existing pricing model limits our customers to a certain level of support and system functionality, however the reality is that we cannot build a world-class solution by limiting customers on either. It is for this reason why we have introduced these changes to our support model and pricing structure."

Existing customers will have up until January 16th 2017, before they need to move onto one of the new pricing plans. They can, however, choose to move over at any time from the 13th September 2016, should they wish to benefit from unlimited 24/7 support.

Source: Linnworks

Inventory and channel management tool Linnworks has announced plans to provide 24/7 customer support, and has also released a new integration with shipping consolidator GFS.

Around-the-clock support will be provided for all pricing tiers, following a customer survey showing 86% of Linnworks wanted 24/7 phone, live chat and ticket support. The change will be made "in the coming months". Linnworks has hired additional Customer Support Representatives, currently undergoing intensive training, to meet the demand.

Linnworks will be changing their pricing model to accommodate the support changes. The new pricing will be based on the number of users, and will not have commission or per-transaction charges, or limit functionality.

Linnworks Support Manager Anton Tshubarov said, "Our goal is to ensure that every single customer gets access to unlimited 24/7 support and are not being limited based on the package they are on, by no later than early 2017. Migrating thousands of customers onto a new pricing model and ensuring that we are offering an outstanding level of support is no easy task, but 86% of our customers wanted this to happen and it's our responsibility to listen to their needs and make sure that we succeed."

* * * * *

Linnworks has partnered with Global Freight Solutions (GFS), so customers can easily access GFS's wide range of shipping services and solutions directly from within Linnworks.

The new integration will give customers access to a range of delivery services and UK carriers via GFS. A single portal is provided by GFS for shipment tracking.

* * * * *

Finally, Linnworks have announced the return of their annual online seller event, Linn Academy. Now in its 4th year, Linn Academy provides online sellers with the chance to meet other online retailers, industry experts and Linnworks staff.

Senior management from Linnworks will discuss updates to the system and support, and ecommerce experts from eBay, UKTI, Tamebay and World First will discuss some of the most popular industry topics.

Linn Academy is taking place at Old Trafford Football Ground in Manchester, on the 19th of October.

Linnworks expects 500 online sellers to attend Linn Academy, which is not limited to Linnworks' customers. Find out more.

Source: Linn Systems for 24/7 support, GFS integration and Linn Academy

Multichannel management system Linnworks has added a new purchase orders module to its cloud-based edition.

Linnworks Senior Developer Patrick Loney said, "We've worked hard over the last month to get the PO functionality ready. We're still polishing the corners and we're really interested to see what you make of it and how we can improve the page for all our users. Our next project is to add a Stock In screen into, where we're hoping to improve the integration between Purchase Orders and Stock In to simplify your lives even further."

Today Linnworks users can use the new module to:

  • Create and edit purchase orders
  • Search by supplier reference, PO reference and location
  • View purchase orders at different stages
  • View the audit log for every purchase order
  • Create, edit and review notes on each purchase order

A future update will add the ability to print purchase orders and email them directly to suppliers.

Purchase orders is one of the last major modules to be ported over from Linnworks Desktop and removes one of the final barriers preventing users from migrating to

Source: Linn Systems

Inventory and channel management tool Linnworks is now integrated with UK shipping aggregator Parcel Station.

The new integration provides Linnworks users with access to some of the lowest rates on the UK and international parcel delivery market.

Parcel Station's carrier integration software provides sellers with intelligent routing options, allowing them to automatically select the best carrier and print the correct shipping label.

Parcel Station delivers to over 190 countries worldwide, and has partnerships with industry-leading carriers across the globe. Parcel Station has a "direct injection" arrangement for deliveries to Germany, France and the USA, meaning that parcels are entered directly into the national postal networks of those countries. Direct injection can save 40%-50% over standard overnight services such as FedEx.

In the UK, Parcel Station covers the following carriers: Hermes, Royal Mail, Yodel, DX and DX Freight, DHL and XDP.

Source: Linn Systems

Multichannel management system Linnworks has improved the navigation of its cloud-based UI this week, alongside new investment in technical support and popular new apps.

UI Improvements menus have undergone a major redesign, providing easier navigation, more space for core tasks, a more intuitive feel, and embedded technical support.

A new "sync status" tool bar shows exactly when information is being synced and if there have been any errors.

Expanded Technical Support

Linnwork's recent annual customer survey, while mostly positive, identified technical support capacity as needing improvement. As a result, Linnworks have significantly increased their investment in that department.

The investment will help them increase the number of support representatives available to respond to tickets, live chats and phone calls.

Anton Tshubarov, Technical Support Manager at Linnworks, said, "With the expanded Linnworks Technical Support Team, we are looking forward to offering a better service to our customers than ever before."

New Store and Mobile Apps

Two new Linnworks apps have been released, one in the Linnworks App Store and another for Android mobile devices.

The eBay Price and Competition Analysis Application helps eBay sellers price competitively against the competition. It is now the most downloaded app on the Linnworks App Store.

The app finds listing competitors to allow quick price comparisons. It searches using EANs, UPCs, the eBay Product Catalog and also by keyword to match products, then shows competitor listings, best match ranks and a summary price comparison.

The second app, from eBusiness Guru, is for Android devices and is called LinnKwik. It allows business owners to keep an eye on the status of their orders and shipping despatches.

Sources: Linnworks for UI Improvements, Expanded Technical Support and eBay App, Tamebay for LinnKwik App

Inventory and channel management tool Linnworks is now integrated with four new third-party services.

Linnworks now supports the UK's GAME Marketplace, which specializes in video games and gaming accessories such as clothing, consoles, novelties and add-ons. GAME is one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the UK.

Linnworks also has three new apps in the Application Store, developed by partner eBusiness Guru. The apps provide integrations with online deals site Groupon, Polish ecommerce platform IDoSell and social media marketing solution Mento.

Groupon work with a wide range of businesses to provide new deals and opportunities to their 48.1 million registered customers. With the new app, can automate Groupon selling processes, manage orders and shipping.

IdoSell is a Polish ecommerce platform with multi-currency and brick-and-mortar retail support. With the integration, Linnworks can connect to IdoSell and be used to ship orders alongside those from other channels.

Mento is a social media marketing tool designed for online sellers, and connects directly to sales channels sites including eBay, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and Etsy. Mento uses product images and descriptions to create social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and more.

With the Linnworks integration, Mento can be used from within, accessing product information and photos stored in Linnworks.

Source: Linnworks for GAME, Groupon, IDoSell and Mento

Ecommerce customer support system XSellco Fusion is now integrated with multichannel management tool Linnworks.

XSellco CEO Victor Corcoran said, "Linnworks integration has been a much requested feature from many of our customers. Our developers have worked closely with Linnworks to make this a reality and it's exciting to build partnerships and integrations with key players in the ecommerce space".

XSellco Fusion customers who use Linnworks will be able to access Linnworks order details within XSellco. The integration provides access to Linnworks order IDs, invoices, product notes, product images and shipments.

Source: XSellco

Inventory and channel management system Linnworks has added an integration with ecommerce platform WooCommerce, as well as three shipping services.

The WooCommerce integration will allow Linnworks users to manage inventory, update stock levels and manage orders from WooCommerce.

The new shipping services supported in Linnworks are DHL Global Mail, Interlink Express and Amazon Buy Shipping.

With the DHL Global Mail integration, users can assign shipping, print shipping labels and file manifests all from one system. The Interlink integration brings the new cloud-based service in line with Linnworks desktop.

Finally, Linnworks have released a new integration directly with the Amazon "Buy Shipping" service. This new feature enables users to buy shipping labels directly from Amazon, which provides a range of benefits for Amazon sellers including:

  • No separate registration required with the parcel carrier.
  • Payment directly from Amazon sales earnings.
  • Orders marked as despatched as soon as shipping is purchased.
  • Tracking information automatically uploaded to Amazon.
  • Amazon automatically chooses the cheapest service for each order.

The Linnworks Buy Shipping integration allows the Amazon labels to be embedded directly into invoices or packing slips, or printed using a thermal printer for higher quality and cost savings.

Source: Linnworks for WooCommerce, DHL, Interlink and Amazon Buy Shipping integrations

Multichannel management system Linnworks is now listed in the Shopify App Store.

The Shopify integration allows Linnworks' customers to manage their orders, keep stock totals up-to-date, and generate shipping labels.

Source: Linnworks

Inventory and channel management system Linnworks now supports the Newegg marketplace.

The integration is the second to be developed specifically for, the cloud-based version of Linnworks.

Shawn Muthraja, Director of Linn Systems Americas, said, "I am really excited that we now integrate with Newegg. They have a great presence in the U.S. and now they look to expand their reach within the UK/EU. Newegg is a great marketplace for anyone selling in the personal electronics sectors. We look forward to working with them and our customers to help make this newest integration a massive success."

With the new integration, Newegg sellers using Linnworks are able to manage inventory, process orders, and implement stock control.

Source: Linnworks

Ecommerce management tool Linnworks has a promotion running with 20% off monthly subscriptions and up to 35% off annual plans.

Linnworks is also offering a prize of an annual Linnworks Enterprise subscription with unlimited users, unlimited products, phone support, six hours of training and free setup worth over $10,000 in total.

Linnworks links 65 webstores and marketplaces so inventory, listings, orders and shipping can be managed in one place.

Get the discount here.

Source: Linnworks

Inventory and order management tool Linnworks now supports Amazon's new marketplace in Mexico.

The new integration was developed following requests by Linnworks users.

Ecommerce in Mexico is estimated to have grown by 30% in 2015, and is expected to continue growing at the same rate for the next 3 years.

Source: Linn Systems

Ecommerce management software Linnworks has introduced a new "virtual printer" system for printing from it's browser-based system

The new virtual printer enables sellers to easily send labels in bulk to any printer they choose.

Users can configure as many printers as they want, select hundreds of open orders, then print labels directly from their browser.

Browser-based systems can make printing difficult, requiring a PDF to be generated before selecting a printer. enables users to configure a printer independently of their computer or browser.

Source: Tamebay

Shipping label printing system ShipStation has announced a new integration with multichannel management tool Linnworks.

ShipStation can now handle shipping for orders processed by Linnworks, and send shipping information including tracking numbers back to Linnworks - keeping the two systems synchronized.

* * * * *

Linnworks has also released a multi-user login feature for their new cloud-based version, reports Tamebay.

Source: ShipStation

Inventory and marketplace management tool Linnworks has announced the launch of a new cloud-based version of its software.

The new is "the next generation in online automation software and the first ever system to combine the power of a desktop application with web-based technology". promises to be a high-speed system that never slows down at peak times, and won't suffer under high loads.

The launch version includes channel integrations and shipping automation, enabling businesses to sync, edit, update, and fulfill orders across dozens of online marketplaces in real time. is fully responsive and accessible on all major browsers and devices including iOS and Android phones and tablets. The current version is a "soft launch". At "hard launch" customers will find all of the features currently in Linnworks Desktop, and much more.

Linn Systems' CEO Fedor Dzjuba said, " has been two years in the making, so today is the culmination of the entire team's incredible hard work. We've designed the very first online automation software to combine the power of a desktop application while running in a browser. We've radically reimagined the existing Linnworks system, so customers will get the same high-quality software they've come to expect, but with the latest HTML5 and Web API technologies under the hood to make it incredibly fast. It contains all the essential tools for managing online businesses and the kind of functionality and speed usually only found in desktop software." allows users to fully customise the system to suit their business needs, and an App Store will allow developers to create their own modules. Linnworks was formerly available only as Windows Desktop software.

Source: Linn Systems

Ecommerce management tool Linnworks has released a new feature which checks for duplicate listings on eBay.

Linnworks will now check and avoid relisting if the seller has an active, fixed-price listing with the same title already live on eBay.

Linnworks has also released a new report which helps users find duplicate listings already running on eBay.

Source: Linn Systems

Ecommerce management solution Linnworks has added the ability to list in bulk to

Linnworks said they will be releasing more channel integrations and listing tools in the near future.

Source: Linn Systems

Inventory and marketplace management solution Linnworks has a new online store for sellers to buy compatible hardware.

The hardware on offer has been tested with Linnworks and certified as compatible. It includes ePOS systems, barcode scanners, thermal printers and pack bench systems.

Over 4,000 companies use Linnworks around the world.

Source: Linn Systems

This month's Internet Retailing Expo at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, features 24 suppliers listed in the Web Retailer directory.

The conference takes place from 25-26 March and exhibitors include 2nd Office, Asendia, Avalara, Brightpearl, ChannelAdvisor, Currencies Direct, Frooition, Genie & The Geek, James and James Fulfilment, Lengow, Linnworks, MetaPack, Neteven, One Stop Order Processing, plentymarkets, Scurri, Seller Dynamics, Selro, Visualsoft, Volo, Pentagon, WebInterpret, Wiser and XSellco.

IRX is the largest ecommerce exhibition in the UK, providing a unique opportunity to research suppliers as well as a range of free educational talks.

Source: Internet Retailing Expo

eBay and Amazon customer support tool ReplyManager has released a direct integration with channel management software Linnworks.

Users of both systems can now search Linnworks order data without leaving ReplyManager, finding orders using the buyer's eBay ID or email address (including anonymous addresses from Amazon).

The last 60 days of orders are searched, and users can view order notes, shipping details, customer data and products ordered.

Source: ReplyManager

Multichannel ecommerce software company Linnworks are offering discounts of up to 35% both for existing customers, and for trial users who register by January 26th, 2015.

Existing customers and trial users will receive a discount code by email from Linnworks. A discount code will also be sent to Web Retailer members on 19 January.

The discounts are:

  • 20% off monthly plans
  • 25% off 6-month plans
  • 35% off annual plans

Linnworks are also extending their money back guarantee period from 14 days to 30 days for anyone who takes up the offer.

Those using a discount code will also be entered into the previously announced prize draw to win a trip to the ThinkGlobal Retail conference in Las Vegas this August.

Source: Linnworks

Marketplace management tool Linnworks has added support for, which replaced late last year.

The new integration allows Linnworks to:

  • Automatically download new orders.
  • Mark items as dispatched.
  • Send out confirmation emails to the buyer.
  • Submit order shipping information back to Rakuten.
  • Automatically adjust inventory levels.

Source: Linnworks

Ecommerce technology company Linnworks is running a competition with a top prize of a trip to the Think Global Retail conference in Las Vegas.

The first prize includes flights, accommodation and conference tickets. Other prizes are:

  • A 12 month subscription to Linnworks Anywhere Enterprise, worth £6,800.
  • A 12 month subscription to Linnworks Anywhere Pro, worth £4,300.
  • A 12 month unlimited subscription to MeanRepricer, worth £3,500.
  • 5 Amazon vouchers of £100 each.

All existing Linnworks customers will be invited to enter the competition by email, as will new customers starting a trial before January 26.

Source: Linnworks

Marketplace management system Linnworks is ending support for their "Linnworks Local" Windows-based application, and will be launching a new web-based app called in Summer 2015.

Linnworks will end support for the desktop-based Linnworks Local on January 31st, 2015. It will continue to work after that date, and will become free, but will not be updated to maintain support with marketplaces and couriers. Linnworks will help Local users move to Linnworks Anywhere, and is offering a 12 months discount to those making the switch.

* * * * *

Linnworks has released recordings of presentations from the recent Linnworks Academy customer events, including what's hot in ecommerce, cross border trading, updates to the Linnworks rules engine and handling of variations, and a talk from Royal Mail.

Source: Linnworks for and Linnworks Academy

A new article covers innovative UK marketplace Flubit in detail, including sales volume, software support, and the million dollar question - whether it's really worth selling there!

Marketplace management tools with Flubit support built-in include: Brightpearl, ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, ChannelGrabber, eSellerPro, Faab Multi Channel, Lengow, Linnworks, Plentymarkets, SellerExpress, Seller Dynamics, StoreFeeder, and XSellco.

Ecommerce platforms (shopping carts) with Flubit support are Bigcommerce, ekmPowershop, Shopify and Volusion. A full list of integrations is on the WeFlubit site.

Source: Web Retailer blog

Multichannel ecommerce management tool Linnworks has updated the way they handle variation items.

Variation items are products which are sold under one listing but vary based on size, colour, pack size or other properties. Linnworks has introduced the concept of a "Variation Parent", which allows sellers to:

  • Have a Variation Item SKU that is a child of multiple Variation Parents, so they can create listings with different combinations of variation items.
  • Define shared properties at the Variation Parent level for listing purposes.
  • Only need to define variation-specific properties at the The Variation Item SKU level.

Source: Linnworks

Multichannel management software Linnworks has updated its extension for the Magento ecommerce platform.

The updated extension offers improved performance and speed when bulk listing using LinnLive, and is required for a forthcoming update of LinnLive.

Source: Linnworks

Multichannel ecommerce software provider Linnworks is running its "Linn Academy" workshop on 12th November in Manchester and 13th November in Reading.

Attendees will be shown the latest version of Linnworks called, and meet the team including founder Fedor Dzjuba.

The workshop agenda includes:

  • What's hot in ecommerce.
  • The Linnworks CBT Wizard.
  • Guest speakers from Royal Mail and eBay.
  • Demonstration of, the web version of Linnworks.
  • Shipping allocation and variations.
  • Linnworks feature announcements.

Register here.

Source: Linnworks

Ecommerce management system Linnworks has an improved integration with UK parcel carrier myHermes.

Following the CSV integration released in August, a new "macro" integration allows myHermes credit account customers to automatically send parcels via myHermes from within Linnworks.

Source: Tamebay

Multichannel management tool Linnworks has added a listing translation service to their solution.

The four-step process involves:

  1. Selecting SKUs, countries to list to, and the type of translation service.
  2. Specifying shipping costs for international orders.
  3. Translation taking a maximum of 4 working days.
  4. Review of translations and listing to the chosen sites.

The translation itself is a pay-for service, and options are provided of machine translation, human translation, or human translation of the title with machine translation of the description.

Source: Linnworks

12 suppliers listed in the Web Retailer directory will be exhibiting at the eCommerce Expo in London on 1 - 2 October 2014.

The exhibitors include: Avalara, Brightpearl, ChannelAdvisor, eSellerPro, James and James Fulfilment, Linnworks, M2E Pro, Neteven, plentymarkets, WebInterpret, Seller Dynamics and Veeqo.

Source: eCommerce Expo

Marketplace management software provider Linnworks is running a webinar with eBay on 18 September on the topic of increasing European eBay sales.

The free webinar will talk about the benefits of cross border trade, how to get listings translated, and the eBay International Acceleration Programme. A guest speaker will share their experiences of international selling, and the business expansion that resulted. Register here.

Source: Linnworks

Multichannel management tool Linnworks is now compatible with UK shopping service Flubit.

Linn Systems Head of Business Development Artem Verovenko said, "We believe Flubit’s feature of creating a private offer for customers could lead it to be a prominent marketplace choice for consumers.Recent interest within our client base of over 3,000 businesses has helped us to conclude that this new integration will benefit both our new and existing clients."

StoreFeeder also announced an integration with Flubit recently.

Source: Linnworks

Marketplace management software Linnworks now supports carrier myHermes.

The integration is through CSV transfer, with export of orders from Linnworks for upload into myHernes, and export of shipping details from myHermes for upload back into Linnworks. Full integration - without manual transfer of CSV files - is planned for later this year.

Chirs Dawson of Tamebay reported "Previously you would have had to ask Linnworks to directly make the changes to your account to enable you to export the CSV files in the myHermes format, or make the changes to the files manually, which was a time-consuming job."

Source: Tamebay

Multichannel management system Linnworks has two discounts available until 1 September.

The company is offering a 25% discount for new customers with offer code FB25LP, and a 10% discount for existing customers with offer code KEXH10.

The 25% discount is for new Linnworks accounts only, and applies to the account indefinitely. Both offers have to be claimed by 1 September.

Source: Linnworks (existing customers and new customers)

Marketplace management system Linnworks has released an Android app for its sellers.

The app, available on Google Play, can generate sales reports, view and update inventory data, generate packing slips, display order notifications and more.

A £3.99 subscription is required to access most features of the app. A seven-day trial is available.

Source: Linnworks.

Ecommerce loans company iwoca is now offering financing for annual subscriptions to the Linnworks multichannel management software.

Limited companies selling through Linnworks can switch to an annual Linnworks contract and pay monthly with iwoca to save between 15% and 35% on the normal monthly rates.

Multichannel management solution Linnworks now offers discounts for 12-month subscriptions.

The discounts range between 15% and 20%. Linnworks announced rate increases last year, and the new prices took effect for new customers joining after 7th January 2014.

* * * * *

Linnworks have released an update to allow sellers to work with eBay’s Managed Returns within Linnworks. Sellers can configure their returns address and RMA (return merchandise authorization) policy, and Linnworks will then retrieve returns requests from eBay.

Multichannel management software supplier Linnworks is running a competition to win prizes including 12-month subscriptions worth thousands of pounds.

To enter:

  1. Take a photo of you (or your team) holding a sign with the phrase "We are changing the eCommerce world" and the Linnworks logo or URL
  2. Upload the photo to the Facebook competion page
  3. Share with your Facebook friends!

The prizes are:

  • 1 Enterprise subscription worth £5,000 + VAT
  • 1 Pro subscription worth £3,000 + VAT
  • 1 Autonomous Synchronisation upgrade for 12 months
  • 2 x £100 Amazon gift vouchers

Marketplace and order management system Linnworks has announced a number of changes and improvements in its November newsletter.

New Linnworks sellers subscribing after 7th January 2014 will pay rates starting from £80+VAT per month for the Entry/Basic level (was £40+VAT per month). The price for Standard, Professional and Enterprise plans will increase by 50% to £180, £360 and £570 per month respectively. The starting price for Corporate subscriptions remains £1,999 per month. Prices will not increase for existing customers.

Writing on the Linnworks blog, Head of Business Development Artem Verovenko, said "We know that no one likes price increases and we have worked hard to keep our prices below average for the last couple of years. We feel that this is a necessary change to reflect the increased capabilities of Linnworks, but will not be changing the subscription costs for existing customers unless they choose to move to one of the new plans, as we have always done."

* * * * *

Linnworks has improved their integrations with carriers DPD and Interlink Express, and also with USPS label printing service Endicia. They now integrate directly with the suppliers' online services rather than through installed software.

Finally, Linnworks is starting a new series of webinars each Wednesday, starting 20 November. The sessions will cover advanced topics, starting with Composition Items. The company also runs Getting Started Webinars on Thursday afternoons. For more information see Linnworks' upcoming events page.

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