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A new in-depth post looks at five of the best replacements for eBay's obsolete Turbo Lister. They are SixBit, Xpress Lister, Wonder Lister, Ad-Lister and CrazyLister.

This month marks the end of an era, as eBay retires its listing tool, Turbo Lister, after almost two decades of service.

This is driving many sellers to third-party listing tools. But, with several tools claiming to be the premier Turbo Lister replacement, it can be hard to decipher which is right for you. Maybe you've tried several already, but haven't found one you like, or are yet to find one with all the features you need.

To help, we've taken five listing tools that sellers could use to replace Turbo Lister. We've reviewed their key features, and identified which type of sellers they are most suited to.

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Source: Web Retailer Blog

Ecommerce management tool SixBit, best known as software for eBay sellers, now supports Amazon marketplaces in the US, UK and Canada.

SixBit 3.0 can now be used to manage and submit items to Amazon as well as track and process Amazon orders. Features include:

  • Import existing Amazon listings into SixBit and match with existing items
  • Store Amazon-specific information with an item
  • Create inventory items from the Amazon catalog
  • List to Amazon (only items with an ASIN)
  • Allocate stock between channels automatically when sales occur
  • Revise listings individually or in bulk

SixBit 3.0 also includes a new customizable item entry form. The window has movable, sizeable and customizable panes and tabs to provide complete control over the fields shown, and the order they are shown in.

SixBit also has a new look-and-feel based on Windows 10 and other current Microsoft products. The previous style, based on Microsoft Office 2007, will remain available and can be chosen instead of the new theme.

Finally, the latest SixBit has numerous speed improvements, batch image editing, and direct download of payment fees from PayPal.

Source: SixBit

A new interview with the founder of eBay software company SixBit has been published on the Web Retailer blog.

John talks about his long history with eBay, why he still prefers desktop-based software, and why SixBit is now adding support for Amazon.

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Source: Web Retailer Blog

eBay selling management tool SixBit has released a new integration with the Amazon marketplace to beta testing with all existing users.

Amazon features in the beta release include importing and matching existing Amazon items, storing of Amazon-specific information, creating items from the Amazon catalog, listing items with an ASIN on Amazon, variation items support, FBA inventory tracking, and automatic inventory level adjustments.

Existing SixBit features also work with Amazon including printing postage, packing lists, pick lists, inventory labels, bulk data editing, import and export via CSV, XML or API and more.

A new Enterprise Duo price plan has all of the same functionality as the Enterprise Edition but supports two sites, for a price of $99.99 per month. But before July 1st, 2016, the Enterprise Duo Edition will have the same price as the Enterprise Edition ($69.99 per month).

Source: SixBit

A major update of eBay selling management tool SixBit includes inventory management improvements and its own API for integrating the software with other services.

Enhancements in SixBit 2.0 include:

  • Faster entry, batch editing and more import options.
  • Inline grid editing of items, inventory, orders, shipments, sales, suppliers and buyers.
  • Improved picture editor with text drawing, annotations, and corner rounding.
  • Custom fields that can be included in grids, reports, packing lists, description wrappers and email templates.
  • Additional picture storage options to reduce database size.
  • Batch editing of orders, shipments and sales to quickly update multiple shipment services or tracking numbers.
  • CSV and XML import/export of orders, shipment, sales, suppliers, buyers and compatibility sets.
  • Introduction of the SixBit API with Drop Folder processing to more tightly integrate SixBit with existing processes.

Source: SixBit Software

eBay selling management tool SixBit has added support for the US Postal Service's SCAN (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice) forms and eBay's new extended holiday returns.

USPS SCAN features are available for Endicia and Express-1 printed postage. SCAN Forms allow sellers to take multiple packages to the post office and provide just a single barcode scan to accept all the packages at once, reducing the amount of time it takes to drop off USPS packages. Forms can also be reprinted.

The latest release also adds support for eBay's new extended holiday returns policy, where sellers have to accept returns for a longer period on items purchased from September to December.

Source: SixBit

Sellers using management tool SixBit currently have over two million items listed on eBay.

The count doesn't include listings from users who opt out of showing a SixBit tagline, so the true figure is even higher.

Source: SixBit

Management tool for eBay sellers SixBit has added a feature to quickly add items by their product code, and the ability to control listing and email content using conditional logic such as "if" statements.

The new "Multiple Item Add" feature enables sellers of catalog items (such as books, DVDs or video games) to quickly add items by providing a list of UPC, ISBN or EAN product codes. The codes can be pasted into SixBit, or uploaded from a file. SixBit looks up the items in the eBay Catalog to find product information, and enters them into the selected item template to create new eBay items. Barcode readers are also supported.

The release also includes conditional logic for HTML templates, product descriptions and emails. This means that text (or images) can be shown or hidden depending on each product's data.

SixBit have enabled some analysis tools in the Small Business Edition of their product, including reports on items, suppliers and buyers.

Finally, users of SixBit's Consignment Module now have access to a new Consignors Analysis Tool to see lists of consignors and information including commissions and number of items sold.

Source: SixBit

Monsoon's Stone Edge order management tool now supports eBay management software SixBit.

SixBit says that StoneEdge was a popular order management tool for users of eBay Blackthorne, many of whom have moved to SixBit following Blackthorne's retirement by eBay.

Source: SixBit

eBay management software SixBit has enhanced its options for setting the eBay Shipped From location.

Previously a single location would be set as the origin for all items, and would be used by eBay to calculate shipping rates. Now sellers who ship from more than one warehouse or use drop shipping, can set the Shipped From location independently for each item and for each drop shipper.

SixBit has also added a number of features requested by users of eBay's discontinued software Blackthorne, including the ability to submit best offer values as percentages and print Listing Labels like Blackthorne.

Source: SixBit

A new version of desktop eBay management software SixBit has added a number of new features for users of eBay Blackthorne - which is soon to be retired by eBay.

Changes include:

  • The ability to import compatibility sets from CSV, and batch change compatibility sets.
  • An option to force a submission as a new listing instead of using relist credits.
  • The ability to search Orders based on item specifics.
  • A new "Internal Packing List" that is a hybrid of a packing list and a pick list.
  • The ability for Canadian users to change the measurement system and currency globally on the database.

eBay management tool SixBit has made a beta release of their new consignment selling feature.

Features include profit-sharing consignment plans, bulk paying of consignors, automatic sale notifications and graduated commission plans.

The new Consignment Module is an optional addon to SixBit's Small Business and Enterprise editions. The module is free until April 30, and $29.99 per month from May 1. eBay Blackthorne users cannot import consignment information into SixBit from Blackthorne, as the consignment plans are structured differently.

eBay management tool SixBit has doubled their offer to former eBay Blackthorne users.

SixBit offered a 30% discount to the first 1,000 Blackthorne users to trial their software, following eBay's announcement that Blackthorne would be retired completely on 30 September 2014. The company is nearing the 1,000 user limit sooner than expected, so is doubling the offer to apply to the first 2,000 Blackthorne users.

SixBit has also announced that a module for consignment sellers will soon be released to beta testers.

eBay selling management tool SixBit eCommerce Solution has enhanced their HTML editor, and expanded support for UK carriers.

Users can now choose from multiple options for HTML editing: either the built in WYSIWYG editor, a plain text editor, or an external HTML editor.

The new release also adds support for new UK parcel carriers.

eBay has announced the retirement of their listing management tool Blackthorne, with technical support ending in March 2014.

To help Blackthorne users find a replacement tool, eBay has provided a feature comparison chart between third-party tools Auctiva, inkFrog, SixBit and their own Selling Manager. After the end of technical support on 31 March, 2014, Blackthorne will cease to be available after 30 September, 2014.

John Slocum, President of SixBit Software and the original founder of Blackthorne, said "We have seen this coming for a long time, and probably would have never started SixBit if we didn’t expect Blackthorne to go away one day. Becoming the replacement for Blackthorne has been a driving force in our development plans and our business policies from the very start."

Slocum went on to ask existing SixBit sellers to help new users coming over from Blackthorne, and be patient with their customer support system: "I’m expecting that our support will become very busy [and] there are going to be a lot of questions on the forum. Our community has a reputation for being a friendly, helpful place and I ask that you continue your helpful ways and guide these users as they have questions."

SixBit has also released a new version of their software, concentrating on enhancements for Blackthorne users. New features include improved data grids with customizable columns, sorting and grouping; side-by-side editing of items; and an "Importing from Blackthorne" instructional video.

eBay management software SixBit eCommerce Solution has been enhanced to print custom labels, and automatically generate SKUs for new inventory.

SixBit can now generate customized mailing labels, inventory labels and pick lists in addition to packing lists. Also SKUs can be automatically generated based on a template when new items are added to inventory.

The latest version of SixBit eCommerce Solution has been released.

Changes include improved installation, an enhanced process for eBay feedback and buyer messages, and the ability to import variation items.

The latest release of marketplace management tool SixBit includes features to help identify and prevent duplicate eBay listings.

A new search filter helps find duplicates in listings already running, and a new option notifies users if they try to list an item that is already listed. eBay has a policy restricting duplicate listings and can automatically detect and cancel them.

Windows-based marketplace management tool SixBit now works with eBay in UK, Canada and Australia in addition to the United States.

As each country has its own currency and date formats, SixBit has been designed to use separate databases for the different websites. Sellers listing in multiple countries just need to swap between databases.

A new version of marketplace management tool SixBit has gone into beta testing.

The new version supports eBay UK, Canada and Australia.

The latest version of marketplace management tool SixBit has been launched, and includes a new feature called "Allocation Plans" which helps manage inventory across different marketplaces.

Allocation Plans (available in the Enterprise Edition of SixBit) allows sellers to specify how they want inventory allocated across marketplaces. The feature supports automatic revision of the quantity available, automatic relisting, and automatically ending listings if inventory has sold out on another marketplace.

The new release also includes enhanced support for variation items (for example, clothing with different sizes and colors), and more flexibility for sellers importing data from eBay Blackthorne.

A new version of eBay management software SixBit supports barcode readers for inventory and order tracking.

Other new features include an option to remove the ""Powered by SixBit" tagline from listings, and the ability to reorder photos more easily.

A new release of eBay management tool SixBit includes more postage printing options, and better handling of submission and revision errors.

Postage enhancements include integration with ShipRush for FedEx, and integration with Endicia's Label Server so it is no longer necessary to install Endicia's software.

SixBit eCommerce Solution has a new feature called Drop Shipper Addon Module (DSAM).

The module is designed to make the process of drop shipping easier. Inventory can be recorded as available from drop shippers, and when a sale is made an email is automatically sent to the supplier. A new "Waiting on Drop Shipper" status helps find inventory, and record tracking numbers from drop shippers.

DSAM is available for an additional $19.99/month and requires a subscription to SixBit Small Business or Enterprise.

Desktop software for eBay sellers SixBit now supports collectibles marketplace bidStart.

SixBit President John Slocum said "We consider this a stepping stone and a firm foundation as we make progress toward our goal of supporting more sites like Etsy and Amazon in the future. We hope that as we grow into other venues, we'll be able to help our customers businesses grow as well."

Enhancements in a new version of the SixBit eCommerce Solution for eBay sellers include a feature for viewing and answering messages from buyers.

Other new features include:

  • Pick list reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Additional packing list customizations

The new version of the SixBit eCommerce Solution for eBay sellers includes the following enhancements:

  • Flat file import/export now includes pictures, store categories, folders, and item specifics.
  • Custom workflow statuses so sellers can reflect their unique listing and sales process.
  • Retired status to exclude items from previously listed inventory.
  • Set the interval for scheduled listings in bulk.

A new auction management tool from the makers of eBay Seller's Assistant and eBay Blackthorne has been launched.

SixBit eCommerce Solution (known simply as "SixBit") is a modern Windows-based application that is low-cost, easy to use and supports multiple marketplaces, starting with eBay.

SixBit founder John Slocum was also the founder of Blackthorne software and first developed AuctionAssistant, the first automation tool for eBay. After being acquired by eBay, they went on to create the eBay Blackthorne tool. After eBay cutbacks left his team unemployed, they turned to what they knew best. "We've always had a very loyal following and have built both customer and personal relationships with thousands of sellers." says Slocum. "After two years of development, we are very excited to have a solution available and are anxious to begin renewing those relationships."

The initial release of the SixBit's eCommerce Solution supports selling on eBay with integration for other selling sites to follow in the coming year.

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