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Multichannel ecommerce management solution Brightpearl has been named a BigCommerce Certified Technology Partner.

"We're excited to work together with BigCommerce to offer a complete, integrated solution that enables omnichannel retailers to take care of the back office and inventory management activities in a way that lets growing retailers focus on their customers," said Derek O'Carroll, CEO, Brightpearl.

"We use Brightpearl for both our US BigCommerce site and our UK BigCommerce site and anticipate tremendous growth on both for the coming year. Brightpearl's integration with BigCommerce is a huge part of that," said Stephen Hersh, CEO of Biaggi, a luggage brand focused on foldable bags.

Before switching to Brightpearl, Biaggi handled its BigCommerce orders manually, and once a month populated the previous month's information into QuickBooks. Every tracking number was entered manually, and each order was exported and sent to Biaggi's warehouse for fulfillment. The company also ships orders from multiple warehouses, so managing inventory was a process requiring extensive manual adjustments.

Hersh continues, "As our order load from BigCommerce increased, we became desperate for a new system that would help us to fulfill orders, track inventory from multiple warehouses and integrate with our third party logistics so that the process would be as automated as possible."

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Multichannel management solution Brightpearl has launched an iOS-based retail POS system.

The new POS allows brick-and-mortar retailers to use one system for in-store, website and marketplace sales. It offers visibility into inventory over multiple locations, while directly integrating all transactions into Brightpearl's accounting back-end. Brightpearl POS supports return processing, collation of sales from multiple store outlets, real-time inventory updates across the business, warehouse visibility, and up-to-date financials.

"Brightpearl POS is a mobile Point of Sale specifically designed for omnichannel retailers. Fully integrated with the Brightpearl retail ERP solution, it allows the merchant to see store performance in real time, and empowers the team with a view of inventory across the entire business, so they can provide great customer service, and never miss a sale," said Andrew Porter, Chief Product Officer at Brightpearl. "A mobile POS allows the merchant to take the in-store experience on the road, to trade shows, pop ups, or wherever they want to make that sale."

"With the Brightpearl POS, the most important thing for us is that we can spend less time looking at the screen, and more time looking at our customers. We can have a conversation with them, show them the jewelry and get them involved with what we do here," said Tom Graham, Ecommerce Manager, at Alex Monroe, a UK-based jewelry company.

The new Brightpearl POS also supports PayPal Here, an in-person payments platform. PayPal Here supports many payment forms including Chip and PIN debit and credit cards, or contactless methods, including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

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Multichannel ecommerce management solution Brightpearl has appointed a new CEO - Derek O'Carroll, formerly an SVP of sales and marketing at IT security company Symantec.

Brightpearl Chairman Charles Grimsdale said, "To manage Brightpearl's global expansion, the Board recruited an executive with a proven record of transforming businesses and formulating strategic operations and plans designed to capitalize on regional opportunities. Derek is a seasoned technology professional who will quickly apply his experiences and expertise to drive Brightpearl's customer-first strategy and future product initiatives, as well as refining our go-to-market strategies to maintain our market leading position."

Before joining Brightpearl, O'Carroll led a successful career of more than 10 years with Symantec, where he held numerous leadership positions with the company's enterprise, small business, and consumer divisions. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of global field sales and marketing and Vice President, for Symantec's Norton business, responsible for $1.7bn of revenue globally.

"Today, customers have been trained by Amazon and others to expect very high levels of customer experience. High-growth independent retailers can compete by reaching the same levels of efficiency used by the bigger players. Brightpearl automates the administration processes across sales, distribution, and accounting so our customers can compete efficiently and focus their valuable time on business growth activities," said O'Carroll.

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Multichannel management solution Brightpearl has a new integration with ecommerce platform Magento, which synchronizes inventory levels, prices and orders between the two systems.

Benefits of the new integration include:

  • Synchronization with Brightpearl with no impact on the performance of a retailer's Magento store.
  • Full enterprise resource planning (ERP) capability and integrated point-of-sale (POS).
  • Powered by Flint Technology's revolutionary interactions framework, the new connector can process 40,000+ orders per hour.

"Other integrations just blast data at Magento, causing speed and performance issues with a retailer's website that can turn customers away, sacrifice sales, and adversely affect search engine rankings," said Dong Xu, President, SILK Software Corp., a full-service Magento Gold Solution Partner that has worked on more than 150 Magento implementations.

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Attendees at Magento Imagine can get an advance look at Brightpearl's next-generation POS solution, which will be generally available in Q3 this year. The new POS is optimized for retailers of all sizes to offer a seamless omnichannel customer experience, including click-and-collect, and in-store order for home delivery and return of goods bought online.

James Scott, President, Brightpearl, Inc. explained, "Until now, retail associates had no easy way to provide top-notch in-store customer service based on readily available information like customer history, product details, and inventory levels. Brightpearl now puts such critical information at their fingertips. Already we have customers excited about the opportunities this will provide to compete effectively with larger retailers that use costly and complex ERP solutions."

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Ecommerce software company Brightpearl has a new integration with Magento add-on M2E Pro which adds marketplace listing capabilities to the Brightpearl system.

Brightpearl's SVP Global Partnerships Adam Smith, added, "We are excited to make M2E's industry leading publishing technology available to the growing Brightpearl community of retailers. Magento, M2E, and Brightpearl together provide a powerful solution for independent merchants, and this partnership will dramatically change the way in which retailers manage their multichannel operations to drive greater revenue potential."

"Brightpearl is resilient at scale, because our platform is benchmarked at more than one million orders a day per store. So your Magento store will maintain high performance even when you are taking large numbers of orders across multiple channels."

The integration with M2E lets retailers publish products directly from Magento to marketplaces while maintaining real-time order and inventory management across all channels.

All product data is stored in Magento and users can decide which products to list on Amazon, eBay and Rakuten using a simple set of pages. The selected products will automatically connect to Brightpearl's inventory management system, which synchronizes stock levels across all channels, online and offline.

Multi-channel merchants using Brightpearl's software can manage their entire business operations – orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting – from one platform.

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Multichannel ecommerce management solution Brightpearl has a new integration with ecommerce platform Visualsoft.

Brightpearl's Visualsoft integration enables retailers to:

  • Centralise orders, back orders and inventory across multiple sales channels; including brick & mortar stores, Visualsoft storefronts and online marketplaces.
  • Integrate customer data from across channels, including B2B and B2C customers.
  • Compile and introduce bundles and kits to offer more responsive, customer-focused specials and promotions.
  • Support multiple store locations, warehouses and sub-brands.
  • Provide real-time margin visibility to make faster trading decisions, maximum control and increased profitability.

"It's great to be working with a vibrant and growing British company like Visualsoft – and helping them compete on a global stage," said Henry Morland, Chief Product Officer, from Brightpearl.

"This integration offers Visualsoft clients a chance to grow with confidence across multiple retail channels, giving them control, efficiency and visibility across of orders, inventory, customers suppliers and accounts. Ultimately, our role is to help retailers focus on what they excel at – being great merchants."

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Multichannel ecommerce technology company Brightpearl has raised $11 million of new investment, bringing the total funding raised to $30.5 million.

Brightpearl is using the funding to accelerate the growth of its sales and marketing organization in San Francisco, to further scale its engineering, service and support teams, and to continually deliver value to more than 1,400 customers in 30 countries.

Brightpearl executive chairman Charles Grimsdale said, "Our customers continuously outperform the market and compete on par with large retailers, and we believe this is testament to the operational efficiencies that Brightpearl helps them deliver. Our customers sell globally on multiple channels both online and offline. They are highly innovative, and we are delighted that Brightpearl helps them to grow faster and achieve greater operational efficiencies."

The funding includes investors Eden Ventures, MMC Ventures, and Notion Capital, and a loan from Silicon Valley Bank and Columbia Lake Partners.

Brightpearl was profiled in depth on Web Retailer this month: The World Is Their Oyster: An Interview with Brightpearl's James Scott.

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Ecommerce management solution Brightpearl has been updated with new batch drop-shipping functionality, and advanced cost attribution rules.

Brightpearl's drop-shipping functionality now has batch processing functions that help cut admin time when forwarding orders directly to suppliers for shipping.

The margin calculation feature now has advanced landed-cost attribution, letting merchants easily factor in transportation fees, customs, duties, insurance, etc, when calculating margins and setting sale prices.

"Last year our customers saw holiday season sales volume nearly triple compared to 2013," said Henry Morland, Chief Product Officer at Brightpearl. "As Brightpearl is entirely cloud-based, we can dramatically increase computing resources to accommodate a huge spike in expected demand this year as well. The result is a competitive advantage enjoyed by the 1,400 merchants currently using Brightpearl to run their multi-channel operations. Already, our customers are growing at twice the average rate for ecommerce businesses worldwide -- a rate we expect will continue to increase as merchants further leverage the capabilities of our software."

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Customer support system XSellco Fusion has added an integration with ecommerce management software Brightpearl.

The integration provides one-click access to Brightpearl order details from within Fusion.

XSellco are offering Brightpearl customers who are new to Fusion 15% off for the first 6 months.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce management solution Brightpearl has launched a reporting feature in partnership with analytics software company minubo.

The new Brightpearl Insights feature generates instant results, using pre-prepared metrics, reports and dashboards designed by retail experts.

"It's about insight," said Henry Morland, Chief Product Officer at Brightpearl. "The reports and dashboards within Brightpearl Insights encapsulate many years of merchandising, marketing and general trading expertise across a range of sectors, captured by both Brightpearl and minubo. These tools are designed to inform good decision making in order to increase the advantage that Brightpearl's community of independent merchants already enjoy over their competition."

Key features include:

  • Self-service dashboards reporting across customers, vendors, products and sales.
  • Pre-defined reports aggregating sales and products.
  • Pre-built analytic reports, giving insights into customer acquisition, customer life-cycle and marketing spend.

Brightpearl Insights are available in three tiers and available immediately in the UK, and from July 6 in the US.

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Ecommerce management tool Brightpearl has partnered with China's

Brightpearl merchants can now access's wholesale suppliers, and source products, from within the Brightpearl platform. Merchants can also create products directly in Brightpearl from listings.

"Source from offers our merchants access to thousands of products from a wide variety of suppliers," said Scott Hill, Product Manager at Brightpearl. "Our research has shown that in areas like apparel, consumer electronics, jewelry, beauty and personal care, Wholesale supplier prices are typically up to 30 percent more cost effective."

Purchases from are automatically recorded within Brightpearl, including the product name, supplier details and a link to the product page.

"The collaboration between Brightpearl and will be a real asset as it allows us to easily source new products at lower price points to sell through our multiple channels," said Tim Elliott, Online Retail Manager at 5m Enterprises. "Going forward we expect ‘Source from' to be an important method of diversifying our product portfolio."

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This month's Internet Retailing Expo at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, features 24 suppliers listed in the Web Retailer directory.

The conference takes place from 25-26 March and exhibitors include 2nd Office, Asendia, Avalara, Brightpearl, ChannelAdvisor, Currencies Direct, Frooition, Genie & The Geek, James and James Fulfilment, Lengow, Linnworks, MetaPack, Neteven, One Stop Order Processing, plentymarkets, Scurri, Seller Dynamics, Selro, Visualsoft, Volo, Pentagon, WebInterpret, Wiser and XSellco.

IRX is the largest ecommerce exhibition in the UK, providing a unique opportunity to research suppliers as well as a range of free educational talks.

Source: Internet Retailing Expo

A new article covers innovative UK marketplace Flubit in detail, including sales volume, software support, and the million dollar question - whether it's really worth selling there!

Marketplace management tools with Flubit support built-in include: Brightpearl, ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, ChannelGrabber, eSellerPro, Faab Multi Channel, Lengow, Linnworks, Plentymarkets, SellerExpress, Seller Dynamics, StoreFeeder, and XSellco.

Ecommerce platforms (shopping carts) with Flubit support are Bigcommerce, ekmPowershop, Shopify and Volusion. A full list of integrations is on the WeFlubit site.

Source: Web Retailer blog

Ecommerce management platform Brightpearl has increased its entry level pricing, so businesses can no longer pay just for one or two users.

The company's old pricing started at £69 per month per user, whereas the new fees start at £807 per quarter for 3 users, making the solution significantly more expensive for businesses with only one or two users. Discounts of up to 25% are available for annual billing.

The company told Tamebay, "Analysis shows that the costs of supporting new customers (especially the very small ones) during their selection process coupled with the costs of supporting their needs once they are live are somewhat higher than our past pricing plans have allowed us to profitably and sustainably serve. [We are] keen to be able to fully support our customers with a great product and this pricing makes it much more feasible for us to do that."

Source: Tamebay

Ecommerce software suppliers SalesWarp and Brightpearl have been nominated for the Multi-Channel Technology Vendor of the Year at the Retail Systems Awards to be announced in London on October 30.

"We are honored to be nominated for our multi-channel technology solutions", said David Potts, CEO and Founder of SalesWarp. "To see this category being added to the Retail Systems Awards shows just how critical it is for retailers to implement multi-channel solutions in order to deliver the omnichannel experience today's shoppers expect."

The new Multi-Channel Technology Vendor of the Year Award has been created to recognize a supplier with innovative technology for multi-channel retail.

Based in the UK and now in its ninth year, the Retail Systems Awards recognize technology excellence and innovation within the retail sector.

Source: SalesWarp

Ecommerce management system Brightpearl has launched a new plugin which integrates their system with Shopify POS.

The plugin, added to the new Brightpearl App Store, provides a tight integration between Brightpearl, Shopify and Shopify POS - a tablet-based checkout application for bricks-and-mortar stores.

Brightpearl Chief Product Officer Henry Morland said, "For the independent retailer, managing stock across on-and-off-line channels can be a challenge. This is why we’re pleased to see the successful Brightpearl-Shopify POS integration made available in the Brightpearl App Store. Combining Shopify's beautiful, tablet-based POS with Brightpearl’s bullet-proof inventory control, this product is aimed at supporting the retailer looking to confidently expand across channels, while still maintaining total control of their order and inventory processes."

Source: Brightpearl

12 suppliers listed in the Web Retailer directory will be exhibiting at the eCommerce Expo in London on 1 - 2 October 2014.

The exhibitors include: Avalara, Brightpearl, ChannelAdvisor, eSellerPro, James and James Fulfilment, Linnworks, M2E Pro, Neteven, plentymarkets, WebInterpret, Seller Dynamics and Veeqo.

Source: eCommerce Expo

Multichannel management system Brightpearl has launched a new app store for third-party add-ons to their platform.

The new Brightpearl App Store includes apps for barcode reading, shopping cart connectors and an Android app, alongside marketplace integrations and other tools built by Brightpearl in-house.

Henry Morland, head of product at Brightpearl said, "We're delighted to introduce the Brightpearl App Store today. Our job is to give retailers the tools they need to successfully manage and grow their businesses. The introduction of the App Store allows developers to create apps which extend Brightpearl's core capabilities and to promote them to the entire Brightpearl community. The range of apps on offer is growing fast. As a retailer that means you can pick and choose the apps you need to make Brightpearl map perfectly onto the way you want to do business."

Brightpearl says a further 21 apps are currently in development.

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Channel management solution Brightpearl has received a major new venture capital investment of $10 million.

The funding round was led by new investors MMC Ventures and Quayle Munro, with existing investors Eden Ventures and Notion Capital – who are also investors in eSellerPro.

"We believe Brightpearl addresses a significant unmet need in a large and growing market. The team have developed an elegant cloud solution which has become a mission critical tool enabling thousands of successful retail businesses. We are delighted to be leading this round of investment alongside such a strong group of investors and we're very much looking forward to working with the team to continue building a phenomenal product and company," said Rory Stirling, Partner at MMC Ventures.

The funding will be used to further develop Brightpearl's Commerce Acceleration Platform, and to expand sales.

Salman Malik, chief executive officer of Brightpearl, said "Our business has been doubling; with more than 1,300 retailers on our platform, we’ve developed a deep understanding of customer needs, have a clear vision for platform enhancements and a strategy in place for optimizing our go-to-market initiatives."

Source: Brightpearl

Ecommerce management application Brightpearl has reached the milestone of $1 billion of accumulated sales by sellers using its system.

"Multi-channel retailing continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the economy," said Brightpearl CEO Salman Malik. "Our customers are leveraging Brightpearl’s Commerce Acceleration Platform to synchronize orders, inventory, profit insights and cash flows across all of their channels, including their brick-and-mortar stores, their online stores, marketplaces and more. We are excited for our customers to enter the fourth quarter with such excellent momentum."

Multichannel management system Brightpearl has added support for Shopify's point-of-sale (POS) terminal.

Brightpearl initially integrated with the Shopify platform in April 2013. The new functionality enables retailers to import POS orders into Brightpearl, automatically add receipts to accounting ledgers, and keep inventory levels in sync, as well as benefit from Brightpearl’s standard reporting and analysis features for POS sales.

"Multichannel retailing is one of the brightest spots in retailing, and this most recent Brightpearl/Shopify integration will help our mutual customers be even more successful," said Salman Malik, Brightpearl chief executive officer. "This integration comes at an especially useful time; retailers are ramping up for the traditionally super-busy fourth quarter, and having Brightpearl integrated with Shopify POS will enable smarter, faster and more customer-centric merchandising."

Marketplace management system Brightpearl has enhanced their eBay management features and announced a co-promotion arrangement with eBay.

The improved eBay features include:

  • Bulk listing of inventory
  • Listing variation support
  • Listing fee verification
  • Reusable listing profiles
  • Automatic Paypal reconciliation

Brightpearl CEO Salman Malik said "The Brightpearl - eBay inventory integration is another example of our continuous effort to help multi-channel retailers. As we prioritize enhancements to our platform, we listen closely to customers and 'stand in their shoes' in order to deliver the important new features that matter most to our retailers. We are pleased to deepen our close collaboration with eBay, in order to improve our retailers' ability to thrive across multiple retail channels."

It is unusual for eBay to directly promote third-party suppliers, although the practice seems to have some traction in the UK with StoreFeeder recently announcing an exclusive free trial for eBay Store owners.

Two ecommerce conferences are taking place this October in London, England - the Ecommerce Expo on 2-3 October and Internet Retailing on 16 October.

Ecommerce Expo, a free show held at London Olympia, features 180 suppliers and over 50 educational sessions. Exhibitors listed in the Web Retailer directory include, Brightpearl, ChannelAdvisor, iwoca, Linnworks and Remove the Background.

The Internet Retailing Conference, held in Hammersmith, has a conference with three topic streams, an exhibition and workshops. For retailers, the exhibition and workshops are free and the full conference programme is £195 per delegate. ChannelAdvisor, Amazon Webstore and Merchantry will be exhibiting.

Marketplace management solution Brightpearl has added four new channels in its latest release.

The system now supports Amazon (UK, US, France and Germany), Bigcommerce, ekmPowershop and Shopify in addition to pre-existing integrations with eBay and Magento.

The change was driven by Brightpearl's own research showing their customers trade on average on seven channels. All the channels are available for £79 or $129 per month, in addition to Brightpearl's standard subscription fee.

Marketplace management tool Brightpearl will now offer ecommerce loans from iwoca as part of the Brightpearl sales process.

Adam Smith, CFO of Brightpearl, said "We are delighted to be partnering with iwoca in offering our prospects and customers financing to help them engage with Brightpearl, find working capital and accelerate their business’s growth. iwoca offers the most flexible and transparent financing in the small business market on reasonable terms. The integrated solution gives us the ability to construct the right solution for our customers in 'real-time'."

The latest version of ecommerce application Brightpearl includes improved pick/pack/ship features, including the ability to notify a customer by email and SMS when goods are dispatched.

The release also includes improvements to point-of-sale screens including a "create customer" routine to capture customer details for walk-in sales.

UK multichannel ecommerce software Brightpearl now has support for carrier services DPD, Interlink and Royal Mail Despatch Express and also US shipping software ShipWorks.

The carrier integrations are provided for an additional fee by third-party developer Mad Capsule, while the ShipWorks integration has been added to the core product from Brightpearl.

The latest update to multichannel ecommerce solution Brightpearl features a Warehouse Manager module.

The Warehouse Manager, currently in beta testing, aims to make Brightpearl easier to use for those who have physical warehouses. A new interface is designed for the key needs of warehouse staff and features tablet support - including the Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom.

Other changes include enhanced stock reports, the ability to correct purchase orders, and UI improvements.

The latest update to Brightpearl's eCommerce solution includes enhancements to sales analysis reports and an improved API for custom integrations.

Other additions include a new POS (physical point of sale) end-of-day payments report, and the ability to create inventory items from existing eBay listings.

Brightpearl's retail software covers physical and online sales channels, tying them both into back end business processes.

Features include synchronisation of sales and inventory across EPOS and Ecommerce sales channels, including eBay marketplace and the Magento ecommerce platform, with CRM and accounting included in the system.

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