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UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has announced its first customer conference, called "StoreFeeder Sessions".

It will be a one-day event for both new and established customers, featuring seminars by ecommerce professionals and StoreFeeder feature demonstrations. The event is designed to help customers grow their businesses, and receive face-to-face support and assistance with any aspect of StoreFeeder. There will be a total of 22 support slots and 8 developer slots for users to book.

The event will be held on 19th October at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground in Nottingham, England. StoreFeeder customers should contact the company if they would like to attend.

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UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has released a new feature to help sellers manage purchase orders.

A new "Requisitions" tab on the Purchase Orders page can be split by supplier or warehouse, and will suggest which products should be ordered along with the required quantities. Requisitions can also be automatically raised, but are adjustable and require verification before being sent to suppliers.

StoreFeeder has also made improvements to their API and dashboard graphs in the latest release, and added support for UKMail International and Packet Service consignment types.

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The latest release for UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder adds support for French marketplace PriceMinister.

PriceMinister is the second most-visited ecommerce site in France, with 22 million members, and 9 million visitors per month.

StoreFeeder has also released:

  • New and improved reports including shipments by courier, picker productivity and refunds summary.
  • Shipment notification emails triggered when suppliers or Amazon has shipped orders on your behalf.
  • New filterable fields, including taxes and warehouse zone.
  • New features to help sellers generate proof of postage and delivery, when they are Royal Mail Online Business Account holders.

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UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has added new features including support for marketplaces running on Mirakl's technology platform.

The integration provides support for many Mirakl-hosted marketplaces including GAME and Halfords.

The latest release also includes visual improvements, changes making it easier to book in and write off deliveries, and enhanced layout and loading times for despatched order reports.

Finally, StoreFeeder now makes it easier to distinguish orders from Magento v2 versus orders from Magento v1.

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British multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has added a set of warehouse management (WMS) features to its platform.

StoreFeeder's WMS features complement its robust multichannel inventory and order processing suite. The new features include fully traceable stock adjustments over multiple stock locations, and multiple location types, with internal adjustments and an Enterprise-focused API to facilitate external links.

StoreFeeder's Enterprise customers can now reduce their reliance on third-party WMS systems, and save potentially thousands of pounds per month.

New features will continue to be added over the course of the next six months, including consolidated tote picking - traditionally the reserve of expensive systems in very high-volume operations.

"Our Enterprise customers have seen huge savings already," said Karl Ciz, StoreFeeder's Head of Sales, "the new WMS features mean that customers can now benefit from a single system to replace multiple systems, saving time, complexity and cost".

StoreFeeder was acquired by the Royal Mail Group in February 2015.

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The latest release for UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder includes the ability to select offline payment for orders.

Other new features in the release include:

  • The ability to archive products, so they cannot be added to new sales orders or purchase orders.
  • An out-of-stock threshold for listings in BigCommerce.
  • Improved eBay Click & Collect settings.

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UK multichannel software provider StoreFeeder is now offering completely free setup and training on all accounts, a service which was formerly charged at £1,000+VAT.

StoreFeeder's Head of Sales Karl Ciz said, "We are proud to offer free setup and training to all levels of client, something that we believe is quite unique amongst the higher-end multi-channel providers. We hear stories of massive setup costs elsewhere, but we are aiming to be a bit different."

"We pride ourselves on being one of the UK's most highly rated multi-channel order processing and stock control tools. Our differentiator has always been our service ethic, and this now extends to providing a real helping hand to all new customers without the headache of worrying about setup costs."

The new service includes between 6 and 20 hours of dedicated support, depending on the level of account, and an account manager to help new customers setup the entire system. Customers can expect help setting up stock control for web store, eBay and Amazon listings and fulfillment processes including warehouse pick-lists, invoicing and courier label integration.

"We have been trialling free setup for quite some time and the feedback has been superb. Our continued commitment to service, with emphasis on high levels of support during setup has proven to be incredibly popular, especially for those who have been 'bitten' by high setup costs elsewhere," said Karl Ciz.

StoreFeeder was acquired by the UK's recently privatized national postal service the Royal Mail Group in February 2015.

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UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has a new feature which assesses how changes to shipping rules will affect orders.

The new Shipping Rules Tester, previously only an internal tool, is now available to all StoreFeeder users to test how shipping rules will perform under different circumstances.

The Tester allows users to see all valid shipping rules for an order, and which rule would be applied, helping sellers create shipping rules that calculate the correct results under different scenarios.

StoreFeeder's Shipping Rules have also been improved with new Specificity and Priority settings. Specificity and Priority acts as tie-breakers when more than one rule could apply to an order.

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UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has a new integration with WordPress ecommerce plugin WooCommerce, following requests from users.

Othe new features in StoreFeeder include:

  • Full logging of all inventory changes for products including orders, cancellations, goods-in activity and returns.
  • The ability to remove an order from a pick wave.

StoreFeeder is now inviting users to vote on a range of new system improvements including an option to duplicate orders and the ability to save draft listings.

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The UK's Royal Mail has acquired marketplace management software company StoreFeeder.

StoreFeeder built Royal Mail's consumer and small business shipping tool, Click and Drop, launched in October 2014. Click and Drop allows users to ship with Royal Mail within a few clicks, providing an integration with eBay so sellers can buy postage labels without manually inputting addresses.

The purchase of StoreFeeder will help Royal Mail develop online tools and APIs to help customers ship parcels easily. StoreFeeder will also continue to operate in the same way for its existing clients. 

Nick Landon, Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels, said: "Having successfully developed and launched our new shipping tool which has worked very effectively through the busy Christmas period, the acquisition of StoreFeeder was a clear strategic choice. I'm delighted that we will now be able to accelerate the development and release of even more tools to make shipping parcels with Royal Mail easier and more convenient."

StoreFeeder Director Karl Ciz said, "The StoreFeeder team are delighted with the acquisition and are keen to assure all current customers that it's business as usual."

Source: Royal Mail

A new article covers innovative UK marketplace Flubit in detail, including sales volume, software support, and the million dollar question - whether it's really worth selling there!

Marketplace management tools with Flubit support built-in include: Brightpearl, ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, ChannelGrabber, eSellerPro, Faab Multi Channel, Lengow, Linnworks, Plentymarkets, SellerExpress, Seller Dynamics, StoreFeeder, and XSellco.

Ecommerce platforms (shopping carts) with Flubit support are Bigcommerce, ekmPowershop, Shopify and Volusion. A full list of integrations is on the WeFlubit site.

Source: Web Retailer blog

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder can now list products to the innovative Flubit marketplace.

StoreFeeder director Karl Ciz said "StoreFeeder are proud to be one of the first to develop full listing capability specifically for Flubit, and of course stock control and order management will all accommodate Flubit orders to ensure StoreFeeder’s existing and prospective clients can take advantage of this new platform."

StoreFeeder have created guides on setting up the integration and listing to Flubit.

Launched in 2012, Flubit is a consumer-driven marketplace where buyers say which products they are looking for and sellers "bid" to offer the lowest price. Flubit recently extended their website to create a new offers site for Barclaycard, adding the UK's five million Barclaycard holders to their customer base.

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UK multichannel software provider StoreFeeder has partned with design company Frooition to offer a combined branding and software package.

The "Design and Automation" bundles include a one-off fee for eBay and Bigcommerce designs, and optional assisted setup of StoreFeeder. Prices range from £2,000 to £6,000 + VAT for setup plus monthly subscription fees for Frooition, StoreFeeder and Bigcommerce.

Frooition is the world's largest eBay Design company and the only eBay Certified Provider specialising in design. StoreFeeder provides integrations with channels including eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten A full support team, and dedicated account manager and designer are provided throughout the initial project.

Go to StoreFeeder for more information on their Design & Automation offer.

Multichannel ecommerce management tool StoreFeeder is offering a three month free trial to owners of Featured and Anchor eBay UK Shops.

eBay has taken the unusual step of promoting the offer on its Shops sign-up page. StoreFeeder itself does not usually offer free trials, although online demos are available.

Via Tamebay.

StoreFeeder is a hosted multi-channel ecommerce software solution. It enables retailers to integrate with major sales channels including eBay, Amazon, Play, online stores and more.

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