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US sales tax tool TaxJar now allows users to mark specific transactions as exempt from sales tax.

This means that sales tax reports will be more accurate, and sales tax returns can be automatically filed without running into any roadblocks.

Before this new feature, if users sold a taxable item to a tax-exempt buyer, such as resellers, government entities or educational institutions, the system had no way of knowing that sales tax should not be charged. With the new feature, sellers can mark a transaction as "exempt" one time, and TaxJar will record that in the system and account for it correctly in reports and returns.

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US sales tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar can now import orders from the Walmart marketplace.

Marketplace sellers on Walmart can import new orders, and up to 90 days of past orders, into TaxJar. Older orders can be imported using a CSV file. TaxJar then calculates the sales tax due to each US state where the seller is liable.

TaxJar has also improved its AutoFile functionality, which automatically submits state sales tax returns. TaxJar users can now easily see the status of state filings from the dashboard to determine if a filing is scheduled, processing, or filed. The dashboard also shows the exact date when a filing will be processed and filed by TaxJar, rather than the state's filing deadline.

TaxJar's sales tax calculator, SmartCalcs, now provides faster rate lookups by using address autocompletion technology from Addressy. The calculator automatically fills in city, zip code, and country when the user starts typing an address.

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US Sales Tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar now provides free real-time sales tax calculations for Magento stores, and also Ecwid stores on the Venture plan and above.

TaxJar SmartCalcs is now free for Magento merchants, as part of TaxJar's Premier Partnership with Magento. The calculations, available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2, help sellers accurately collect sales tax from buyers.

The service is also now available for ecommerce platform Ecwid, which enables sellers to add an online shopping cart to an existing website or social media page. TaxJar calculations are free for Ecwid subscribers on the Venture plan and above.

TaxJar SmartCalcs automatically calculates the correct amount of sales tax due, updates tax rates, collects origin-based or destination-based sales tax and applies sales tax to shipping charges if required.

TaxJar's Reports service creates filing-ready reports for each US state, and starts at just $19/month based on the number of transactions.

Source: TaxJar for Magento and Ecwid

Stripe merchants can now use TaxJar's "SmartCalcs" tax calculation feature when accepting payments online or via mobile devices.

The US has 12,000 taxing jurisdictions for sales tax, with differing rules and rates. TaxJar SmartCalcs ensures the correct sales tax rate is used at the Stripe checkout, including Stripe Relay which is used for purchases in third-party apps such as Twitter and ProductHunt.

All Stripe transactions are imported into TaxJar Reports for easy sales tax reporting and filing. TaxJar starts at just $19/month for up to 1,000 transactions, with a 30-day free trial.

Stripe and TaxJar's previous integration provided only TaxJar Reports (sales tax reporting and filing).

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US Sales Tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar now has an alternative source of tax rates for their SmartCalcs sales tax API.

SmartCalcs API users can now download the latest sales tax rates in advance, to provide an alternative source of rates in the event that the API goes down or is slower than expected.

Summarized rates provide the minimum and average sales tax rates in every state, and are updated monthly for any changes. TaxJar says an API outage is highly unlikely, but they never want their customers to worry that they may lose the ability to collect sales tax temporarily.

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US Sales Tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar has added support for Australia's Goods and Services Tax (GST) through its SmartCalcs sales tax API.

TaxJar's SmartCalcs sales tax API is a modern, robust API built specifically for developers who want to outsource the pain of calculating sales tax. Features include accurate sourcing rules, shipping taxability, product taxability and built-in reporting. SmartCalcs has a simple setup and a 30-day free trial.

Australian GST is a broad tax of 10% imposed on the sale of most goods and services in Australia. Companies liable to collect GST generally add 10% to the price they charge for goods and services, and claim credits for the GST they pay to purchase goods and services for resale or otherwise used in their business.

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US Sales Tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar is now integrated with payment service Stripe Relay.

Customers of Stripe Relay can now have all their order history synced daily with TaxJar, allowing state-by-state sales tax reports and electronic filing.

Stripe Relay provides mobile in-app "Buy" buttons that allow shoppers to quickly and easily make a purchase straight from their mobile devices. One example is making sales within Tweets.

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US Sales Tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar has added a new return filing feature with later deadlines than normal.

"Expedited AutoFile" is $39.95 per filing and allows sellers who could not enroll by the January 6th deadline to AutoFile.

This new feature is available for filers in Florida, Pennsylvania and California.

Once enrolled in AutoFile, TaxJar will continue to file sales tax returns each month at the normal AutoFile rate of $19.95/month.

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US sales tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar now shows where sales tax nexus is created by having orders fulfilled by Amazon's FBA service.

Until the new feature was added, TaxJar helped identify where sellers might have nexus by showing the states where Amazon has fulfillment centers.

Now by connecting to Amazon Seller Central, TaxJar determines which states actually ship orders and accurately shows where nexus has been created.

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US Sales Tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar has increased its prices, approximately doubling the cost to reflect its new functionality.

Many features have been added to TaxJar since the original pricing was set, including bookkeeping checks and balances, shopping cart integrations and automatic filing.

The new prices will apply from July 1, 2015 for all new customers, and from January 1st, 2016 (at the earliest) for existing TaxJar customers. Annual subscriptions attract a 10% discount.

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US sales tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar now supports the hosted version of Magento available from Pixafy.

Pixafy merchants can now add TaxJar's app to enable automatic sales tax calculations. Businesses with locations in multiple states are supported, and users can generate sales tax reports, get reminders about when to file, and file sales tax returns electronically.

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US sales tax calculator TaxJar has enhanced its integration with payment system Square to include automatic sales tax lookups based on GPS coordinates.

The new integration will help mobile merchants, such as food trucks and craft fair sellers, calculate the correct local sales tax rate.

TaxJar CEO Mark Faggiano said, "Because so many Square merchants are mobile, customers asked us for a way to figure out sales tax rates to use wherever they travel. There are almost 10,000 different sales tax jurisdictions in the US, and as mobile merchants went from location to location, they were at a loss in how to determine and charge the applicable rates, so we built a solution that uses their mobile device's current GPS location to automatically determine the right sales tax rate for any location."

TaxJar has been working with Square since September 2014 as one of the first apps in their marketplace.

Source: TaxJar

A new article on U.S. sales tax covers all the essentials, including where, when and how much you're liable for, and some common scenarios and problems.

The article, written by TaxJar for the Web Retailer blog, covers Sales Tax Nexus, how to collect sales tax, what to do with sales tax you've collected, international considerations, and the latest issues facing online sellers.

Source: Web Retailer

US sales tax automation tool TaxJar has updated its integration with popular WordPress shopping cart WooCommerce.

Improvements in the updated plugin include:

  • US and Canada sales tax support.
  • Multi-state sales tax collection.
  • Automatic sales tax tracking including county, city and special taxes.
  • Direct state sales tax return filing.

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US sales tax automation tool TaxJar has added a new feature called AutoFile – the first one-click sales tax filing feature built for online sellers, says the company.

Using AutoFile, TaxJar can send sales tax data directly to the authorities in each state, rather than the seller loggin in to multiple state websites to fill out sales tax forms. The service is available for 26 states and costs $19.95 per state, per filing.

Source: TaxJar

US sales tax reporting tool TaxJar has added support for Square's mobile payment system.

Business owners using Square can now send all of their sales data to TaxJar for automated sales tax reporting.

Square provide a iOS-based payment device for US retailers.

Source: TaxJar

US sales tax calculation and reporting tool TaxJar has updated their spreadsheet import feature.

A brand new screen tracks previous CSV uploads, any errors that occurred, and the transactions that were included.

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US sales tax reporting solution TaxJar has enhanced its support for sales tax nexus.

The new "State by State" report separates the states in which the seller has nexus from those where the seller does not. Nexus states also include a configurable start date of when the seller first created nexus in that state.

Source: TaxJar

US sales tax reporting tool TaxJar has created an add-on for web-based accounting software Xero.

The integration allows Xero users to correctly account for sales tax, creating sales tax liability accounts for each state that the seller needs to collect in. Xero is used by over 50,000 US-based subscribers.

Source: TaxJar

US Sales Tax reporting tool TaxJar has added support for the Magento shopping cart.

TaxJar's "Sales Tax Automation" extension for Magento calculates sales tax based on the location of the retailer or the location of the buyer, depending on the state. Magento users need to install the extension, register with TaxJar, and enter their TaxJar API token to begin using the service.

The extension is free but rate updates and automated reporting begins at $29.95 per month.

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TaxJar has also released a new, easy-to-read, transactions graph for sellers, and reorganized the account management area to provide easier access to reports, billing and configuration options.

Sources: Sales Tax Automation Comes to Magento and New Transactional View & Even Easier Account Management

Sales tax tool TaxJar has launched its own API, a WooCommerce plugin, and support for CSV uploads.

Ecommerce software providers can use TaxJar's Simple Sales Tax API to determine if sales tax is due on an order, and at what rate. A new TaxJar plugin for WooCommerce has already been developed using the API.

Developers can use the API for free for 30 days, then are charged depending on usage, starting at 200 calls for $9.95 per month.

TaxJar has also released a new CSV upload feature. Sellers using unsupported shopping carts or marketplaces can export orders to CSV then load them into TaxJar for sales tax calculations.

US sales tax reporting tool TaxJar has added support for stores running on the Bigcommerce platform.

TaxJar is now available as a Bigcommerce app and will automatically download sales and tax data for the last 90 days.

After the 30-day trial, TaxJar fees are bases on sales volume.

US sales tax calculation and reporting tool TaxJar has raised $600k of investment, which it will use to add new features to its platform.

The company plans to enhance their API, integrate with more shopping carts and marketplaces, and implement one-click sales tax return filing.

US sales tax solution TaxJar has added a report so sellers can compare sales and sales tax for all states in one place.

The report shows a state-by-state breakdown of sales and sales tax collected and can be filtered by date. Clicking a sales value in the report shows a breakdown of all of the transactions included.

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