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News for BQool Repricing Central

Amazon repricing tool BQool Repricing Central has released new and improved repricing rules.

Repricing Central users now have more choices in setting up the "No competition between Min and Max prices" rule when they compete for the lowest price or the Buy Box.

Sellers can set BQool to take the following actions, depending on where competitor's prices lie in comparison to the seller's min and max prices:

  • Stop repricing
  • Adjust the price based on the min price + a number ($) or percent (%) value
  • Adjust the price based on the max price - a number ($) or percent (%) value
  • Set a fixed price

BQool also has a new table of saved pricing rules for listings that are no longer being repriced. Uses can update the rules for inactive listings then reactivate repricing for those listings.

Finally, all SKUs in Repricing Central can now be filtered by the date created, to help users identify obsolete inventory and avoid FBA Long Term Storage fees.

Source: BQool

Amazon repricing tool BQool Repricing Central is now listed on Amazon's new seller software store.

Repricing Central is an automated Amazon repricer to help users win the Buy Box while protecting their profit margins.

Users can optimize their repricing speed to every 5-15 minutes. Repricing Central also includes a Profit Calculator to get close estimations of profit margins and product ROI. This feature also takes Amazon's fees and costs into consideration.

The Marketplace Appstore is a one-stop-shop where Amazon sellers can discover applications to help them automate, manage and grow their business. Accessible from Seller Central, the Marketplace Appstore features applications created by Amazon and external developers and covers a range of functionalities across the selling lifecycle.

Source: BQool

Amazon repricing tool BQool Repricing Central can now automatically take the cost of goods being sold from inventory system InventoryLab.

The cost prices in InventoryLab are automatically imported into BQool, and can be used to set minimum and maximum prices.

The integration is designed to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone data entry, or manual upload of inventory data files.

Source: BQool

Amazon repricing tool BQool Repricing Central has been updated with a new user interface and several new features.

The user interface has a new contemporary look, and several additional columns including a repricing rule power button, inventory quantity, estimated fees, estimated profits, and estimated profit %.

To ease the process of searching through inventory, BQool has added a number of new filters as well as new Favorite Filter settings. With a new Group function, users can now group or categorize listings to meet their specific needs.

Repricing Central now supports uploads of InventoryLab's Closed Batch Report file, to automatically populate inventory costs to individual listings.

The popular profit calculator has been enhanced to allow estimations by either profit percentage or amount, cost, or applicable fees. The calculator includes various FBA fees to help estimate the price for FBA items. For European marketplaces, the calculator can take VAT rates into account if needed.

Finally, Repricing Central now shows the repricing history for the past 24 hours, allowing users to get a clear picture of where they stand against their competition and adjust pricing strategies or rules accordingly.

Source: BQool

Amazon repricing tool BQool Repricing Central has increased its repricing frequency to four times per hour.

BQool's new "Accelerated Repricing" is able to reprice approximately once every 15 minutes.

"By offering our customers the option of Accelerated Repricing, it gives them the upper hand over their competitors in terms of repricing frequency," says Peter Kuo, Business Relationship Manager at BQool. "Always keeping on top of price rankings can ensure customers a better chance at winning the Buy Box and also staying in the Buy Box."

It's a challenge when trying to improve the speed and effectiveness of a repricing software as Amazon regulates how often sellers can change prices. "With Accelerated Repricing, we've produced a repricer that can run at maximum efficiency," says Peter. "We're also comfortable in telling our customers and the public our repricing frequency, as this is a product we are confident in, something we are able to guarantee our customers that we can achieve for them."

The Accelerated Repricing feature is available for sellers on Amazon US, CA, and EU (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES) subscribed to the Deluxe plan or higher.

Source: BQool

Amazon selling tools provider BQool has added support for the Amazon EU marketplaces in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Peter Kuo, Business Relationship Manager at BQool, said "You can expect 2015 to be a breakout year. Supporting Amazon EU for all three suites is a big step for us. Since all three products are often used in conjunction, this greatly increases the effectiveness of our services."

BQool's Review Central now offers $25 and $50 plans for managing 250 and 500 listings respectively. Sellers also have the option to subscribe annually, which has a 10% discount.

Source: BQool

Amazon repricing tool BQool Repricing Central has been updated to work in real-time using the new Amazon Subscriptions API.

New features in BQool include:

  • Repricing in real-time when competitors' prices change.
  • The ability to automatically raise or lower prices while in the Buy Box.
  • Hourly synchronization of listing changes.
  • Comparison against the 20 lowest priced competitors.

Repricing rules can now specify how to compete based on fulfillment by Amazon or Merchant, and the system has a redesigned rule configuration interface.

Marketplace Repricing: The Ultimate Guide explores the subject of automatic price adjustments on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

Topics include how to get started, how repricing differs between marketplaces, avoiding the “race to the bottom”, and repricing tools including ChannelMAX, RepriceIt, Price Spectre, Mean Repricer, Appeagle, BQool Repricing Central, RepricerExpress, Marketplace Repricing, WisePricer, FeedVisor and Teikametrics

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