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Third-party logistics company Rakuten Super Logistics has opened two additional fulfillment centers in the USA.

"With the addition of these new facilities, RSL is establishing a footprint in greater metropolitan areas that address our clients' needs, and provides them with the ability to deliver product to customers in just one day," said Mike Manzione, Chief Executive Officer of RSL.

"The addition of the Chicagoland and Greater Newark facilities are the latest significant milestones in our company's continuing evolution as a national leader in order fulfillment."

With the announcement of these new openings, RSL expands its operations to include a total of 11 order fulfillment facilities nationwide.

As a leader in the order fulfillment industry, RSL will also be employing state-of-the-art order fulfillment technology in both of its new facilities in New Jersey and the Chicago metropolitan area. Earlier this year, the company began deploying 'order fulfillment robots' – also known as 'picker robots' - developed by California-based inVia Robotics, in several of its facilities nationwide. RSL will also expand the use of robotics to include all of its locations in the coming year.

Given the rapid growth of the ecommerce industry - and increasing demand for the company's order fulfillment services - Manzione said RSL plans to continue its national expansion well into 2019.

"Ecommerce retail sales are expected to reach approximately $500 billion this year, and that number is expected to grow significantly over the next few years," said Manzione.

"To better service that growing demand, our clients desire to move products closer to the end customer," explained Manzione. "Expanding the national footprint of our RSL fulfillment centers, and utilizing state-of-the-art technology, will help ensure we can successfully partner with our clients in achieving that goal."

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Third-party logistics company Rakuten Super Logistics has deployed inVia Picker robots within its Nevada fulfillment center.

Using the inVia Picker robots and cloud-based Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) management system, the company expects to increase its ecommerce fulfillment and warehouse productivity by more than 300 percent as the solution scales with data collection and optimization.

"For RSL and our broad array of clients, inVia Robotics presents an exciting opportunity to scale demand, manage costs and improve inventory accuracy utilizing a RaaS model," explains Michael Manzione, RSL's Chief Executive Officer. "Our partnership with inVia is indicative of our company's commitment to providing clients with state-of-the-art technology designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs."

inVia Robotics supports ecommerce companies in improving fulfillment and streamlining supply chain processes among growing demand and competition in the space. inVia's goods-to-person-fulfillment, a subscription-based model, was chosen ahead of competitors due to its ability to increase efficiencies across many operating cost layers within RSL's facilities. The company's fulfillment needs extend throughout several warehouses across the U.S., among major population centers that support expedited delivery for consumers. inVia's flexible and adaptive mobile robot automation can optimize RSL's U.S. operations at a scalable rate.

"We're excited to deploy our robots with Rakuten Super Logistics to support and increase warehouse productivity and provide an edge over competitors," said Lior Elazary, founder and Chief Executive Officer of inVia Robotics. "inVia's technology and accessible RaaS platform will help the company elevate its e-commerce solutions, streamline fulfillment and continue to scale its operations to meet a growing customer demand."

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Third-party order logistics company Rakuten Super Logistics has launched a redesigned website.

The new website, at, features an updated design for easy navigation and an engaging user experience to facilitate connections with ecommerce retailers interested in outsourcing their order fulfillment to RSL.

Acquired by Rakuten in June 2013, Webgistix changed its name to Rakuten Super Logistics in June 2014. The Webgistix brand is now used for the company's software platform, which has been renamed Webgistix SmartSuite Technology and Services. It includes:

  • SmartFill cloud-based order management and inventory tracking.
  • SmartStock Fulfillment network analysis for efficient inventory placement in the 2 Day Delivery Network.
  • SmartShip live shipping cost optimization to calculate optimal shipping methods.
  • SmartFreight all-in-one turn-key freight services covering domestic and international freight including customs consultation and clearance.

" is designed to connect RSL with fast growing online retailers who are looking for a partnership in order fulfillment," said Becky Wood, Chief Marketing Officer at Rakuten Super Logistics. "As part of Rakuten, RSL is rewriting the rules of acquisition by evolving the company's brand to facilitate market awareness, company growth, and most importantly lasting connections with clients and employees."

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Third-party order fulfillment service Rakuten Super Logistics (formerly Webgistix) is now able to start shipping orders through its warehouses for online retailers just a few days after signing up.

The company has capacity for new retailers across its network of US fulfillment centers in New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Reno, Scranton and Austin. Fast onboarding including inbound freight management, shopping cart integration, and inventory management, is provided by a dedicated "Smart-Onboarding" team.

RSL has a two-day delivery network rivalling Amazon Prime. The company was founded in 2001 as Webgistix, and acquired by Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten in June 2013.

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Ecommerce fulfillment outsourcing company Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) has added a new fulfillment center in Austin, Texas.

"Demand for our fulfillment services is growing rapidly as more retailers recognize the value we offer through our open multi-channel fulfillment platform," said Joseph DiSorbo, founder and president. "In fact, we're seeing demand take off for our entire SmartSuite of services, including SmartFreight, which expedites the movement of goods from domestic and international suppliers directly to our nationwide network of fulfillment centers."

RSL is recruiting staff in Austin including both management positions and warehouse personnel. Merchants can meet RSL at the Practical Ecommerce: Ignite conference on September 16-17, 2015, in Dallas, Texas.

The Rakuten Super Logistics fulfillment network now enables merchants to reach 98 percent of U.S. eCommerce shoppers in 1 to 2 days via ground shipping.

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Order management tool ShipStation has added support for fulfillment outsourcing service Rakuten Super Logistics (formerly Webgistix).

ShipStation users can now send orders for fulfillment by Rakuten Super Logistics, while fulfilling other orders in house using ShipStation's carrier connections and batch label creation features.

Source: ShipStation

Order fulfillment company Rakuten Super Logistics has released an update to their fulfillment management software SmartFill.

The update includes an ecommerce-optimized design, customized dashboards and reports, and the ability to remotely control how backorders are handled within Rakuten's fulfillment centers. The new site also has a more mobile-friendly design.

The SmartFill platform automatically routes each order to the nearest Rakuten Super Logistics fulfillment center to enable orders to be delivered as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

SmartFill is integrated with shopping carts and marketplaces including, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Volusion, Bigcommerce, 3DCart, and ChannelAdvisor.

Rakuten Super Logistics was formerly known as Webgistix.

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US fulfillment outsourcing company Webgistix (Rakuten Super Logistics) now accepts the Bitcoin currency as payment.

Joseph DiSorbo, CEO of Rakuten Super Logistics US, said "Many of our merchants are accepting bitcoin on their e-commerce platforms, but none of our competitors are offering the opportunity to pay for order fulfillment services with bitcoin. Accepting bitcoin payment not only sets us apart from our competitors, but allows us to move closer toward our goal of a frictionless global e-commerce marketplace."

Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. will accept bitcoin payments via BitPay, and has already had requests from international customers to pay with the currency.

Tony Gallippi, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at BitPay, said "Selling online is highly-competitive, and retailers no matter what industry they're in have a high risk and cost of accepting payments compared to brick and mortar retailers. By accepting bitcoin from the customer and using bitcoin for logistics, fulfillment, and the supply chain, a company can multiply their savings and see a bigger impact on the bottom line."

Source: Webgistix

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