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Competitor price monitoring tool Competera has changed the way information is displayed in its Product Report.

Product data is now grouped by topic, and more details about the data quality are available. Retailers can now see the date of the last comparison, the number of checks, etc. and make changes directly on the card.

The graph of product price changes was also altered to make it easier to check competitors' price changes. A thick gray line shows the changes in the retailer's prices, and a gray area shows the entire market from the minimum to the maximum price. On the same graph, a retailer can display competitors to see how their prices have changed.

Source: Competera

Competitor price monitoring tool Competera has released a new feature which reports on the quality of competitor data collected.

Competera users can track competitor data health, current scanning status, and see when and why data anomalies occurred.

A new dashboard shows:

  • The general state of the collected data.
  • Current scanning status of data delivery.
  • Which competitors' stores caused problems.
  • Number of product matches with a high price divergence.
  • History of scanning to see when the problem with the data collection occurred.

Source: Competera

Price monitoring software company Competera has released a new Brand Intelligence product for product manufacturers.

Competera Brand Intelligence provides features including:

  • MAP monitoring with flexible filtration
  • First MAP violation detection with automatic offender notification
  • Price violation dynamic analysis by product or retailer
  • Product benchmarking

With this tool, brand managers can quickly identify MAP violators, and see the percentage of assortment with violations by any retailer.

The "first violator" feature helps brands identify the first retailer to lower their price below MAP, causing other retailers to lower their price in response.

The tool also gives brands the ability to research marketplaces, resellers and price comparison sites to track the price positioning of authorized resellers as well as unauthorized ones.

Source: Competera

Competitor price monitoring tool Competera has been relaunched with a new pricing platform consisting of three major modules.

Competitive Data helps sellers obtain up-to-date information about their competitors. Users can see complete and timely information about the market and competitors, with a guaranteed 95% data accuracy.

Price Management helps integrate prices, stock availability, and promo activity of competitors, by monitoring price decisions and prices. It helps retailers take a proactive approach to pricing.

Price Optimization helps predict profit, demand, and buyers' behavior resulting from a particular change. The foundation of this product is qualitative data, flexible and customizable processes, as well as machine learning technologies, statistics and big data operations.

Source: Competera

Price monitoring tool Competera has launched a new feature which visualizes the price positioning of products, product categories, and leading brands.

The new feature, called "Price Index", uses a store's whole product range to show the price position of competitors or the market in general.

Price Index is one tool within Competera Price Intelligence, which displays how price position correlates to the market, and to particular competitors or certain categories of products. Benefits include:

  • Discovering how competitors influence sales performance and revenue.
  • Understanding the position of your own company within the market.
  • Finding out which product categories are most sensitive to competitors' changes.
  • Awareness of the price positioning and sensitivity of your online store towards the market and certain players.

Price Index can be filtered by competitor segment, product category, brands and more.

Source: Competera

Competitor price monitoring tool Competera has a new repricing feature allowing users to change prices from within the system.

The "Repricing Platform" can change prices according to business rules, market data and competitor analysis. Competera can transfer updated prices via API directly into supported storefronts.

Pricing rules can, for example, always keep prices lower than a specific competitor. After analyzing the market, Competera will recommend price changes or provide comments such as "Competitor's product not available. Raise the price." Competera's recommendations can be approved or declined by the user then sent to the storefront.

Source: Competera

Ecommerce analytics tool Lokad has integrated with Competera to provide competitor pricing data.

The integration enables Lokad users to access their competitor's prices within Lokad. That enables automatic price comparisons, reporting on sales against competitors' prices, and creating pricing strategies taking both both in-house data and competitors' data into account.

Competera is a competitive price monitoring app which extracts prices from websites and generates a matrix of matched products and prices.

Lokad has also added a native integration with warehouse management software SkuVault. Lokad can import data from SkuVault in a single click or automatically on a schedule.

Finally, Lokad has a new function for using historical currency exchange rates. The forex() function enables retailers buying and selling internationally to use exchange rates in their Lokad dashboards and reports.

Source: Lokad for Competera integration, SkuVault integration and exchange rates

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