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eBay selling tool Wonder Lister has added a new option in response to eBay making Good 'Til Cancelled the only option for fixed-price listings.

eBay recently made Good 'Til Cancelled (GTC) the only option for fixed price listings, removing durations of 3, 7, 10 and 30 days.

GTC listings last 30 days and are automatically renewed after that time, meaning sellers cannot edit their listings before relisting and can be charged fees every 30 days.

Wonder Lister now provides the option to automatically end fixed-price listings just before the auto-renewal. The option can be set when creating a new listing, or through bulk editing. The feature ends listings 10 minutes before auto renewal is due to take place, but only if no sales have been made.

The new feature is available to Wonder Lister users at all plan levels.

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eBay selling software Wonder Lister is the focus of a new article on the Web Retailer Blog.

The article looks at the history of Wonder Lister, and features including bulk editing, the listing editor, consignment selling and data export. Finally, it covers the benefits of desktop apps, Wonder Lister as a Turbo Lister replacement, and the company's future plans.

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eBay selling tool Wonder Lister is now integrated with cloud-based picture hosting service Cloudinary.

Cloudinary has generous storage limits, even with a free account. Uploading of pictures is extremely fast, and Cloudinary generates readable URLs. The generated URLs also preserve the folder structure of the picture being uploaded.

The uploaded pictures are available in the Cloudinary web account where users can also perform basic editing such as rotation. Once the images have been uploaded they are available for use immediately on all channels including eBay, Amazon and Shopify.

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A new in-depth post looks at five of the best replacements for eBay's obsolete Turbo Lister. They are SixBit, Xpress Lister, Wonder Lister, Ad-Lister and CrazyLister.

This month marks the end of an era, as eBay retires its listing tool, Turbo Lister, after almost two decades of service.

This is driving many sellers to third-party listing tools. But, with several tools claiming to be the premier Turbo Lister replacement, it can be hard to decipher which is right for you. Maybe you've tried several already, but haven't found one you like, or are yet to find one with all the features you need.

To help, we've taken five listing tools that sellers could use to replace Turbo Lister. We've reviewed their key features, and identified which type of sellers they are most suited to.

Read eBay Turbo Lister Replacements: Five of the Best Alternatives.

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