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Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats has added support to its Keywords Tool for Amazon in Australia, India, Brazil, China and Japan.

Philip Jepsen, CEO of ManageByStats, said, "The Keywords tool lets users evaluate keyword performance for their ASINs and those of their competitors. If you're selling in these markets, or you have competitors you want to monitor, we now let you do so."

The Keywords Tool now supports all of Amazon's international marketplaces. Brazil, China and Japan are currently only supported by the Keywords Tool, but will be added to ManageByStat's other tools in the future

Source: Digital Journal

Amazon seller analytics system ManageByStats now works with Amazon's new marketplace in Australia.

"We now support ten markets," says CEO of ManageByStats, Philip Jepsen. "Sellers in any of these Amazon marketplaces can use ManageByStats to manage their Amazon sales. Australia has now been added to the list, and we're open for business."

ManageByStats has multiple features for managing customers, inventory and sales for those who sell on Amazon, as well as an automated email tool, tools for reviews, feedback, keywords, an email campaign and real email collection service, as well as tools for the management of Amazon Sponsored Ads.

"As we've been building our suite of software we've also been expanding the markets where we can offer it," says Mr. Jepsen. "It's important for us the ManageByStats be available to all Amazon sellers. Australia is a new market for Amazon, and we've moved quickly to support it."

ManageByStats began with support for the US market, and to date has added support for the European markets (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES), Canada, Mexico, India and now Australia.

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Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats has introduced new tiered pricing plans for its phone and email "appends" services.

ManageByStats' Appends service finds real emails and phone numbers for an Amazon seller's customers and inserts them into the customer records.

"This time of year we see a surge in subscription for our appends services," says CEO of ManageByStats, Philip Jepsen. "Our subscription plans provide options for users at various levels. The plans are designed to accommodate Amazon sellers selling on Amazon at any volume."

The tiered plans include price reductions at certain volumes, and those reductions are also applied if a user chooses to do a full append. A full append is run against all customers, and finds real emails and/or phone numbers for the entire customer database. Subscription plans run daily throughout each month, getting emails and/or phone numbers for new customers. ManageByStats customers can choose to subscribe for either email appends, phone appends, or both.

"We've been offering email appends for several years," says Mr. Jepsen. "Last year, when Amazon stopped providing customer phone numbers, we added the option for phone appends. Since then our success rate in finding phone numbers has steadily improved."

Source: Digital Journal

Amazon seller analytics system ManageByStats has announced a new version of the software's keyword tool.

The ManageByStats Keyword tool monitors the ranking of selected keywords for specified products.

Some of the latest features include keyword search volume, multiple sort and display options, customizable color coding, parent-child ASIN associations, easily definable multiple markets and more. There is now also a standalone option, for users not using the other tools in ManageByStats. Both the standalone tool and the keyword tool incorporated into ManageByStats have the same set of features and options.

Philip Jepsen, CEO of ManageByStats, said, "Since the initial release we've rolled out a number of significant updates. With all the features we had on the line-up we knew going in there would be a sort of second release. The first step was huge, bringing the entire tool within our ManageByStats software so that it functions alongside other features there. Now we've added more."

Source: Digital Journal

Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats has a new keyword rank checking tool that runs completely in the cloud.

The ManageByStats Keyword tool checks the ranking for selected keywords for specified products. It used to consist of a downloaded software application along with a reporting UI on the ManageByStats website. With the new release everything runs inside ManageByStats.

"The software app was our first solution for this", said ManageByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen. "But it became a little cumbersome to run separately. Users either had to schedule or oversee the running of it to check keywords, and so we decided to automate it by bringing it all within the main program."

With the new tool users create projects, add ASINs (products) and list all keywords for each product directly in the new Keywords section of ManageByStats. Graphs and evaluation tools are also in this area, so the entire process of managing and evaluating keywords can be overseen. ManageByStats automatically pulls and updates Keyword data, including newly added keywords.

The new tool is available now.

Source: Digital Journal

Amazon analytics system ManageByStats has added a new export designed for creating Facebook Custom Audiences from Amazon customer data.

ManageByStats has added an option that allows users to create a list formatted specifically for Facebook with one click.

The Facebook-formatted list includes "real email" and phone number columns. Real emails and phone numbers are not needed for the file to work with Facebook, but they do increase audience match results. ManageByStats can acquire real emails and phone numbers for sellers using their Appends service.

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ManageByStats has also added an option in their SellerMail module to send emails either per order, shipment or item. Previously ManageByStats would send emails for every item ordered, which meant buyers would get multiple emails if they bought more than one item in an order.

Source: ManageByStats for Facebook Export and Email Per Option

Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats has extended their "Email Appends" service to also find phone numbers for Amazon customers.

Until now the service only searched for and added real email addresses to Amazon customer records. ManageByStats users can now choose to have email address, phone numbers or both automatically added to the details of customers who have bought from them via Amazon.

ManageByStats have a success rate of around 30% for phone numbers, and up to 55% for email addresses.

Source: ManageByStats

Amazon analytics system ManageByStats has changed its collection of Amazon customer email addresses from monthly to daily.

The ManageByStats "email appends" service used to search for Amazon customer email addresses on the first of each month but will now run every day, adding email addresses for customers who purchased from the seller in the last day.

The service uses the customer's first name, last name and postal address to search national databases for matching email addresses. ManageByStats says they can acquire email addresses for 40 - 45% of the records processed. There is an additional fee for the service, and it is only available for the US Amazon market.

Amazon does not provide sellers with their customers' real email addresses itself, instead providing an Amazon address which routes messages through the Amazon support system.

Source: ManageByStats

Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats now supports all Amazon Europe websites as well as Amazon India.

Amazon France, Italy, Spain and India are now available in ManageByStats, so users can report on customers, inventory and sales in any of them. ManageByStats's SellerMail feature also works for all of the new markets, allowing automatic messages to be sent and monitored for each individual marketplace.

Source: ManageByStats

Amazon analytics system ManageByStats now has a direct link from Amazon orders to parcel carriers' tracking pages.

Instead of navigating to Amazon and copying-and-pasting the tracking number into the carrier's website, ManageByStats provides a direct link pre-filled with the correct tracking information.

Source: ManageByStats

Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats has added new product data fields, and improved access to customer notes.

ManageByStats now includes Ad Costs and Sales Tax collected by Amazon on the Stats page.

  • Ad Costs help sellers see how ads factor into sales and profit. The data includes a series of graphs related to Ads under the Marketing Performance section.
  • Sales Tax breaks out the tax collected by Amazon, down to the specific product if needed.

ManageByStats has also added the ability to sort and tag customer notes, and view them at a glance on the Customer List page.

Source: ManageByStats for Ad Costs and Sales Tax and Customer Notes

Amazon analytics system ManageByStats has added a new feature which can automatically trigger emails to customers.

The new customer contact feature, called SellerMail, allows ManageByStats users to automatically send custom emails to customers at specified trigger events.

ManageByStats CEO Philip Jepsen said, "This is a big feature. Customer feedback with selling on Amazon is huge, and there are entire programs dedicated solely to this. With SellerMail we're now offering that ability directly within the ManageByStats program. With one login you get it all."

SellerMail can send emails to customers at the time of purchase, shipment, delivery and other trigger points. Emails can be customized for specific brands, product lines or individual products, repeat buyers and more.

Source: ManageByStats

Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats has added a new range of marketing performance reports.

The new graphs include ad costs, impressions, clicks, CTR (click through rate), CPC and quantity ordered. Users can now graphically see marketing performance for any of their products, brands and product lines, for any date range.

"We're excited to be rolling out these new graphs," says ManageByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen. "Our customers have been requesting Ad Costs, which we've just added, and now we've got the graphs to go along with those figures."

"Ad Costs are the average costs per click (CPC) multiplied by the number of clicks, which gives you the cost of your ads for each product," says Mr. Jepsen. "Those are sorted by the same parameters as the other data on the stats page and show the marketing costs for each product, giving an even more precise final figure for profit. This in itself is huge. And now, with the Marketing Performance graphs, you have a way to see all this information visually."

Source: ManageByStats

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