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All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has launched a new automation tool to avoid fees for auto-listing Good 'Til Cancelled listings on eBay.

GTC Automation allows sellers to set rules for listings' duration, enabling automatic ending of underperforming ones before their relisting.

"There's been much discussion among eBay merchants regarding the manual ending of Good Til' Cancelled listings," says Avi Assa, CEO, and Co-founder of 3Dsellers. "At 3Dsellers, we build solutions that eBay sellers require to simplify their eBay selling experience, it's management and marketing, and GTC concerns were not ignored. Now, eBay sellers can set specific rules for an automatic ending of underperforming listings, which solves a rising problem of unfavorable charges."

Listings can be targeted according to a combination of preferred parameters with a duration of up to 60 days post publish date or renewal. It is also possible to set an exact date for listings to end. Finally, sellers are also able to automatically duplicate listings after their ending, comparable to a "Create Similar" feature.

The 3Dsellers GTC Automation tool presents a dashboard of all created rules with capabilities to preview listings targeted, edit them, delete and pause the automation.

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All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has released an advanced email marketing software for eBay sellers.

Now, eBay sellers have an opportunity to use a fully-capable email marketing campaigns with options to create sending rules, cross-promote specific items by category, by keywords, from the purchased item category and more.

The new features allow a variety of triggers, automated message translation to buyer's native language and blacklisting.

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All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has released a new tool which exports eBay listings to a CSV file.

The new tool can be used to:

  • Create files by categories and filters (eg. sold active listings, unsold active listings, all ended listings, sold ended listings, unsold ended listings; enables variations)
  • Back up listings
  • Export eBay listings to other marketplaces
  • Import stock into inventory management tools

Export to CSV is now available for free for a limited time.

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All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has released new features including a new inventory management module.

The 3Dsellers Inventory Manager is their newest eBay selling tool, and is included in the Management Plan. Is integrates sellers' warehouses with eBay stock levels.

Inventory Manager can set the quantity of items available on eBay, avoid overselling, show how many items have already been sold and change each item's price.

Inventory Manager includes the following bulk update actions:

  • Update prices, either to a specified amount of by a percentage.
  • Update inventory levels by a set amount of units or maintain the same as warehouse inventory

The 3Dsellers' Webstore has also been updated, removing the limit of five item specifications per listing.

3Dsellers has a new Export to CSV feature, providing an easy way to download a comprehensive .csv file of eBay listing data.

Finally, the 3Dsellers CRM & Helpdesk module has been updated to include the shipment tracking number so customer support reps can easily find the delivery status.

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All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has launched a new feature which automates customer shipping notifications.

The new Shipping Tracker supports over 100 domestic and international shipping couriers and improves customer service by notifying buyers of any delivery updates.

"Building trust with customers significantly improves any eCommerce business," says Alex Flom, CEO and Co-founder of 3Dsellers. "We created an automated solution for high-level engagement with customers with valuable for them information. 3Dsellers Shipping Tracker is easy to set-up, includes fully customizable message templates for appropriate triggers and alerts sellers when an immediate attention is needed."

Messages sent through 3Dsellers Shipping Tracker are personalized and can be customized by courier and sending time. Eight message templates are included and custom messages can be created for any delivery trigger.

Additional features of the 3Dsellers Shipping Tracker include:

  • Delivery overview dashboard
  • Advanced filtering capabilities
  • A selection of seller alerts

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All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has announced a new tool to help online sellers manage messages from buyers on eBay and Amazon.

CRM Helpdesk organizes all support tickets in one place with a comprehensive overview of each customer and support for multiple users, saving time while improving customer care and increasing revenue potential.

"We know online sellers face heightened numbers of customer tickets, increased service expectations and rapidly-changing market conditions," says Alex Flom, CEO and co-founder of 3Dsellers. "3Dsellers removes the need to manage an eBay business through different apps, providing an all-inclusive software and the CRM Helpdesk is the newest addition of an easy-to-implement solution to customer support. This release delivers eBay and Amazon sellers a solution to improve customer experience and maximize their business potential."

The highlights of the 3Dsellers CRM Helpdesk include:

  • Inbox overview with advanced filtering capabilities
  • eBay and Amazon integration
  • Full customer overview, including past conversations, items purchased and general buyer info
  • Message templates for quick responses, easily filtered by categories
  • Team collaboration without the need to share account access
  • Auto reply as well as vacation reply options

New features including Gmail and social network integration are scheduled to be added to CRM Helpdesk during 2018.

CRM Helpdesk is included in the price of the 3Dsellers all-in-one solution.

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eBay seller software platform 3Dsellers has been profiled on the Web Retailer Blog.

The feature explains how 3Dsellers founder Alex Flom started the business, after selling medical equipment on eBay.

It covers six tools including Feedback Reminder, Listing Designer, ThankYou Emails, Video Maker, PDF Catalog and Facebook Store.

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Source: Web Retailer Blog

All-in-one eBay solution 3DSellers has an enhanced feedback reminder tool with a new dashboard, options and alerts.

The new features are:

  • A performance analytics dashboard to show the effectiveness of reminders
  • An option to send a feedback reminder upon the item's arrival, at a specific time of day
  • Automated feedback to buyers with a choice of triggers
  • Feedback alerts via email
  • Automatic blacklisting of buyers who canceled or returned orders

3DSellers' tools include a powerful Listing Designer, smart Feedback Reminder, Professional Cross-Sell Emails (sent via the eBay messaging system), Video Maker, Store Designer, Facebook Store and a PDF Catalog creator.

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eBay app developer 3Dsellers is offering free advice on the hosted eCommerce service Magento Go.

Magento, a popular shopping cart system owned my eBay, launched its hosted "Go" service in February 2011. More information on 3Dsellers' offer.

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