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eBay lister for the Mac GarageSale has been updated to support eBay's new secure link policy.

The new policy prohibits clickable image links, and embedded images that aren't loaded via the secure HTTPS protocol.

The latest GarageSale makes sure that images in eBay listing description are no longer clickable links, and are also loaded via HTTPS - for sellers using GarageSale's free image server.

Active listings that don't meet eBay's new requirements will need to be revised to meet the new rules.

Non-compliant active listings that weren't created with GarageSale, can be imported into GarageSale then updated using a new "Repair Image Links" which will strip links and switch images to HTTPS, if the images are available securely.

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A new major version of eBay selling tool for the Mac GarageSale has been released.

GarageSale 7 offers a modern user interface, with instant error feedback when composing listings. A new companion app for iOS lets users take photos without additional file transfer steps.

The new GarageSale uses a custom database layer built on Google's LevelDB engine, that scales better for sellers with a large number of listings and orders, and also allows faster updates to GarageSale.

The trial version can be used to create three eBay listings, and a full license costs $39.99.

GarageSale was first released over ten years ago, in November 2004.

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eBay lister for the Mac GarageSale has a new major version in beta testing.

GarageSale 7, which has been under development for two years, is an entirely new version of GarageSale with features including:

  • Modernized interface with instant error reporting
  • Import listing drafts from the GarageSale Scout app on iPhone
  • New custom database engine, which deals better with large amounts of data and allows the developers to adapt to eBay changes more quickly
  • A new Orders sections showing information about purchased items and buyers
  • Reports can generate diagrams in addition to text tables
  • Automatic update of eBay category information
  • Mobile-optimized listing designs
  • Local live validation of most eBay errors in a new "Preflight" panel
  • Support for recent eBay features including product codes for variations, and out of stock control which prevents GTC listings ending when stock reaches zero

Source: iwascoding

A new version of eBay selling tool for Mac users GarageSale adds support for eBay's Business Policy presets.

eBay Business Policies allow sellers to define presets on the eBay website for shipping, payment, and returns. The presets can be applied through the eBay website or third-party tools like GarageSale. Version 6.8 also includes:

  • Updated shipping services for eBay UK and eBay Australia.
  • Updated category data.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

GarageSale is an Apple Mac OSX application that allows users to design, post, and manage eBay listings. It is responsible for more than 2 million listings currently on eBay. GarageSale supports eBay Stores, eBay Motors, PayPal, Twitter and international eBay sites.

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eBay lister for the Mac GarageSale has been updated with a number of new features and options.

GarageSale 6.7 includes support for eBay Poland, calculated shipping, return restocking fees, cash-on-delivery costs for eBay Italy, and images from FileMaker Pro.

Mac eBay selling tool GarageSale has added two new features for eBay sellers.

Support for eBay's new "condition description" field lets sellers describe the condition of used items in more detail. Also new is support for eBay’s "Global Shipping Program", which provides a forwarding service for US sellers selling internationally.

eBay's certification program for third-party solution providers has been updated, with significant changes to the criteria certified providers must meet - resulting in some providers leaving the program.

The current certified providers are:

The eBay Certified Provider Program was launched in 2004.

Version 6.1 of eBay listing tool for the Mac GarageSale has been released.

The update includes a formatting toolbar, batch find and replace, and an updated component for selecting images.

Mac and iPhone software developer iwascoding has released version 6 of GarageSale, its eBay listing solution for the Mac.

New GarageSale features include inventory tracking, improved batch editing, and more advanced auction designs.

The winners of the 2010 eBay star developer awards have been announced at the eBay Developers Conference:

  • DSR Rockstar: eCommSource by Cloud Conversion
  • Early Adopter: Quantity Manager and Price Spectre by NullApps (runner up for DSR report last year)
  • Most Innovative: Outright by Outright
  • Rapid Evolution: Vendio Reviser by Vendio (runner up in the Most Innovative category for Vendio Research last year)
  • Service to the Developer Community: David Kronenwetter of Experimenter's Discount Warehouse (runner up last year)


Previous winners: 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004

eBay listing tool for the Mac and iPhone GarageSale is now also available for the Apple iPad.

The new version allows iPad users to create complete eBay auctions using images from their photo library. Up to 10 images can be added to each auction for free and 10 popular auction designs are included, with additional designs available from the built-in auction template store.

The application supports 16 different eBay sites, including and, and shares prepared auctions with GarageSale on the Mac.

A new version of Mac listing tool GarageSale has been released.

GarageSale 5.4 features batch re-listing of auctions and an integrated store for auction designs.

The design store offers 50 new multi-layout designs starting at USD/EUR 1.99. These designs can be previewed and purchased directly from within GarageSale and are automatically downloaded and installed. Purchased designs can be used in any number of auctions. The store is open to third-party designers.

Equinux have released version 5.6 of their Mac listing tool iSale, featuring improved Facebook integration, new shipping options and improved performance.

Meanwhile competitor GarageSale has the next version of it's Apple Mac software in beta testing, and it's iPhone application GarageSale Touch is now available in Apple's AppStore.

Version 1.1 of iPhone eBay selling application GarageSale touch adds support for eBay's auction scheduler and displays the number of watchers and page views for tracked auctions.

GarageSale touch enables iPhone users to create complete eBay auctions without needing their desktop computer. Sixteen different eBay sites are supported and the application synchronizes with the GarageSale software on the Mac.

The developers of Mac listing tool GarageSale have released a new version for the Apple iPhone, called GarageSale touch.

GarageSale touch can be used to create complete eBay listings with up to 10 free images. Sixteen different eBay sites are supported and prepared auctions can be shared with GarageSale on the Mac.

GarageSale touch costs $4.99 or €3.99 from the iTunes App Store.

The latest version of Mac listing tool GarageSale can automatically update a seller's Twitter status each time they list an item on eBay.

The new version also supports eBay's redesigned item page, archives finished auctions, and allows partial modifications of live auctions that already have bids.

Software developer iwascoding has released GarageSale 5.2, an update to its eBay listing application for the Mac.

GarageSale 5.2 improves the application's speed and reduces its memory usage by leveraging Apple's Spotlight technology for updating smart groups and performing searches. It also adds support for eBay features like buyer requirements, the classified ad format, and multiple shipping discount profiles.

Mac eBay lister GarageSale version 5 features the ability to share auctions on local networks, includes a flexible report generator, and adds the ability to include YouTube videos in listings.

A new edition, called GarageSale Basic, offers a simplified version of GarageSale focussing on making selling on eBay easier. It includes the same auction designs as GarageSale and integrates with iwascoding's free image server. The Basic edition sells at $24.99 compared to $34.99 for the full version.

GarageSale, the Apple Mac listing tool, has been updated with a redesigned interface for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

The new design unifies auction and template modes into a single view. Users are now able to edit their auctions within GarageSale's web preview, and GarageSale uploads auctions and images simultaneously, resulting in faster auction uploads.

A new version of Mac listing tool GarageSale adds support for eBay's new user defined item specifics system, can cancel running auctions directly from within the application, and allows users to specify a deposit setting when selling cars on eBay Motors.

iwascoding today released GarageSale 3.3, a free update to its eBay listing solution for the Mac.

The new version adds compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and can interface directly with Endicia's Mac client. Sellers can also use eBay's combined shipping discount feature and start charity auctions.

iwascoding has released version 3.2 of Mac listing tool GarageSale.

The new release introduces supports for eBay's Digital Delivery option and lets users browse Auction Designs using an iTunes-like "CoverFlow" interface. The new version also adds reusable text blocks for auction descriptions and supports eBay's new options for international shipping.

Mac listing tool GarageSale now includes free image hosting, allowing users to add up to 5 images per auction free of charge.

iwascoding has released GarageSale 3.0, a free update to its eBay listing solution for the Mac. The new version adds 15 new auctions listing designs, and speeds up working with large auction libraries.

Apple Mac auction management tool GarageSale has had a number of interface improvements. It can now send customizable messages to buyers through eBay's message system and Microsoft Entourage, and supports Growl to display small notification windows when an item sells or receives a new bid.

The new version of Mac listing tool GarageSale adds customizable e-mail templates, automatic grouping of auctions and templates, and an improved 'Leave Feedback' function that works for multiple auctions at once. GarageSale has also added support for eBay Ireland.

Mac auction management tool GarageSale 2.2 adds the ability scan a product's barcode and search for it in eBay's product catalog using a FireWire iSight. The tool's widget now displays the number of current watchers, bids and items sold, and support has been added for ClearVista's SureShip service to let users print shipping labels for various USPS services.

Mac tool for eBay sellers GarageSale has added a built-in auction scheduler that lets users define the start time of their auctions, supporting advanced features as intervals between auction starts. Other new features include leaving feedback from with GarageSale, and 10 new graphical auction designs have been added.

New versions of GarageSale and iSale have been released at MacWorld in San Francisco. The new GarageSale, from iwascoding, features auction revising and direct access to My Messages. iSale 3, from equinux, has a new template editor and integrates Google Maps to geographically locate buyers in the US.


A number of programs for the Apple Mac have been added to the site, including Ad Posters iSale and GarageSale; Auction Managers My Auction, Auction Tender, and AuctionGenie; and Sniper Maxi Bidder.

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